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   Chapter 248 Eating Radishes Today

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The golden beach in NJ City was supposed to be a sea full of tourists, but now it was spacious and peaceful. This is what the sea should look like! Taking a deep breath of the fresh air, Fiona was in a good mood.

"Hurry up!" On the beach, with a loudspeaker in one hand and a loud speaker in the other, Spencer shouted, "More than twenty people behind! Why are you slowing down? It's one hour and forty-eight minutes. Don't you want to take part in the military exercise? "

His voice sounded especially loud on the empty beach. He and Fiona had arrived at the beach for a while and now they were waiting for almost twenty minutes.

Female soldiers came one after another, casting green shadows across the long shore.

Looking at this scene, Fiona was somewhat moved.

As time ticked away, the last soldier ran to where Spencer stood and stopped.

"Ma'am, what do you think?"

"I think we all arrive here in less than two hours."

"Come on, instructor! Tell us!"

Female soldiers gathered around him, panting.

Looking at his watch, Spencer curled his lips and answered, "Well done, within two hours."

After saying that, a group of female soldiers immediately burst into cheers.

"Are you happy now?" Spencer looked around and said, The following training is very difficult! Now, go and put up a tent. If it's not done quickly, you can just sleep on the beach at night! Hurry up! "

"Yes, sir!"

"Okay, ma'am!"

After passing the first test, the female soldiers felt relaxed and went to the place where they should put up the tents with a smile.

Standing next to him, Fiona said with a faint smile.

When Spencer turned around and saw the rare smile on Fiona's face, his mood somehow lifted. But the next second, he wanted to have a joke with Fiona, and took up the loudspeaker in his hand. In a voice that could even be heard from the whole beach, he shouted, "Why are you still standing there, Instructor Fiona? Don't you put up the tent? Do you want to sleep on the beach tonight? "

Shocked, Fiona cast a stern glance at him but said nothing. She walked towards the female soldiers with her backpack on her back. As she stepped on the soft sand, she walked slowly and not steadily.

Wasn't it too good for him to lose his memory? He was still as naughty as before.

"Alas..." Shocked and speechless by what Fiona did, Spencer turned around and said to Karl, "Don't you think Miss Fiona is too rebellious? How dare she ignore me! "

"Sir, it was you who played a trick on her first, wasn't it?" Karl stared at Spencer and mumbled, "Chief, don't just let Miss Fiona pitch a tent. If we don't take action now, I think we will be the one who sleeps on the beach!"

After hearing this, Spencer's face darkened with anger and he kicked at Karl's butt. "Who the hell are you? How dare you! I'm the team head. I don't need to pitch a tent myself! Isn't this your business? If you keep arguing with me, I'll let you sleep in the sea! "

"Haha Yes! Sir! " After saying that, Karl saluted him politely and took out his tent in a hurry. He rubbed his buttock as he ran.

banquet before. You are so creative!"


"Hush! Don't laugh! "

Several female soldiers couldn't help laughing, but they had to hold it back because they saw the look on Spencer's face.

Feeling that he was going to blame the cooking class for what he had done, Fiona walked towards him and said, "Mr. Spencer!"

Spencer then turned to look at Fiona and asked, "What's up? What are you going to say? "

"I asked the cook to make carrots for us. Don't blame them." Fiona looked at him.

"You? !" Then he looked at Fiona up and down and continued, "Miss Fiona, we are not born to be friends, are we? I hated eating radishes since I was a child. You make a radishes banquet for me. Are you going to piss me off? "

Fiona pursed her lips, "I'm sorry, but I don't know you don't like eating radishes. I'll be more careful next time."

Spencer stared at her coldly and clenched his fists tightly. He wanted to scold her, but he couldn't manage to do so. After struggling for a while, he could only snort angrily and strode away. "If you dare to do it again, I will not spare you!"

"Sir! Sir, where are you going? " Karl chased after him.

Without looking back, Spencer walked faster and faster.

"The carrots contain rich carrots, vitamins and mineral elements. No matter the food tastes good or bad, you shouldn't be picky."

The voice rang in his mind again. Who on earth was it! It couldn't be Celine. She knew that he didn't eat radishes. Then who was she? Who is she!

"Ah --" Spencer roared and started running along the coastline.

All the girls were stunned by Spencer's actions. With knitted brows, Fiona turned to the girls and said, "Let's enjoy the meal."

Unexpectedly, Fiona was not in a good mood when she saw Spencer was mad.

The bright moonlight, the waves, and everyone in the training base had already fallen asleep.

Inside a single tent, Fiona had just fallen asleep when the tent was swayed violently by someone, accompanied by a rude voice of Spencer, "Fiona! 'Fiona! Come out! Do you hear me? Come out! "

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