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   Chapter 247 A Trip To The Seaside (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6941

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"Because she is pretty!" Karl replied impolitely, "In my opinion, Miss Fiona is the most beautiful one in the base."

Spencer stared at him with a confused look and asked, "Why do I think it seems that you have a crush on her?"

"Do you think I have a chance?" Karl replied, blinking his eyes and casting a glance at the direction where Fiona was leaving.

Spencer's heart sank. Raising his foot, he kicked him and blurted out, "Look! She's leaving. What are you looking at! I warn you, keep your hands off her! " After he finished speaking, he suddenly realized something and shook his head. "No, I mean..."

"Mr. Spencer!" As he spoke, Janice ran to him and said, "I'm ready. Shall we move forward freely or shall I take troop to the sea training base? "

Spencer seized the chance to change the subject and said, "We will move forward freely and make them prove their own capability by then."

"Yes, Mr. Spencer!"

"Well, I'll go there to have a look." Then Spencer walked away. Leaving Karl confused. "Mr. Spencer is so unreliable. What do you mean?"

Fiona went back to her dormitory to pack up a few clothes. Then she made a phone call to George and brought the album to the gathering place. On the phone, she didn't tell George the news that Spencer appeared. Everything would be discussed after he came back from recovery.

Under the scorching sun, female team members stood in front of the line with a resolute expression on their faces. Standing in front of the line, Fiona said, "In the next two hours, I hope you will try your best to complete the task as soon as possible. But I hope you don't stick to it. If you find anything wrong with yourself, let me know in time. And... "

Standing not far away, with arms crossed in each other's arms, Spencer accurately captured every expression on her face through the crowd. Against the light, her voice was cool and comfortable. It seemed that he had cooled down a lot in such a hot weather.



But suddenly, a vague voice rang in his mind and kept calling his name. The voice

and it's not convenient to call someone. Ryan, I have to go!"

"I see!" Ryan replied hurriedly, "Okay. Call me when you have time. Please take care of yourself. "

"Well, I see. You too. "

It was not until she hung up the phone that she finally relaxed herself.

"Your boyfriend?" For God's sake, Spencer asked.

Surprised, Fiona responded, "No..." As the words were on the tip of her tongue, Fiona's lips curled into a sarcastic smile, "Yes, he is."

"You..." Opening his mouth, Spencer felt that the fire was on. "No wonder you don't want to work in the base. It turns out that you want to go home and wait to be raised!"

Hearing his words, Karl got a little confused, why it seemed that Mr. Spencer got a little angry but he also was a little jealous?

His tone was full of sarcasm, but Fiona didn't care. She slowly looked out of the window and said, "I can't always stay in the base for a lifetime. Moreover, a woman wants to find a good husband, right? They couldn't get married hastily, or it would be too late to regret. I should be happy that someone is willing to support me. "

"It's like how sorry you've been married!" Spencer cast a disdainful glance at Fiona.

Fiona blinked slowly and did not answer.

After humiliating himself, Spencer turned around angrily and sat on the chair. 'What's the big deal to have a boyfriend? I have a girlfriend!

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