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   Chapter 246 A Trip To The Seaside (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-16 00:02

Crack! Crack——

There were few people in the empty underground garage at this time, and Ruby's footsteps sounded more empty. Holding Sarah in her arms, she walked to the parking lot and thought about what Nina told her.

The two of them have had such unpleasant experiences before. Would they fight again when they meet again? If they really got into a fight, how could she help them? And there was Sarah. What about Sarah?

She didn't think about a good idea. Ruby shook her head and was about to speed up her pace when she suddenly heard subtle footsteps. Behind her, there seemed to be some unusual eyes staring at her. Ruby squinted her eyes and tightened her hands which were holding Sarah. She calmed down and prepared herself for the attack. Then she turned around and shouted, "Get out!"

At the moment of turning around, Ruby only saw a few people indistinctly behind the pillar. It seemed that there were several people. Hearing what she said, the person behind the pillar moved and walked out slowly.

"Oh, Ruby!"

When she heard the familiar voice, Ruby suddenly stopped, and her posture of preparing to fight immediately retracted. Looking at the person coming out from behind the pillar, Ruby stood straight involuntarily with some respect, and then she called out in disbelief, "Mr. Ethan."

"It's me."

It turned out that this person was not someone else, but Ethan, the father of Spencer. He wore plain clothes. After two and a half years, he became much older, but he was still full of energy. There were two assistants following him, poker faced.

"Mr. Ethan, what brings you here?" Ruby asked with a sigh of relief, and she proposed a salute unconsciously.

"Don't be restrained," Ethan waved his hand and walked forward. After looking at Sarah, he nodded approvingly and said, "After so many years, you are still alert." He paused and continued, "I don't need to worry about Sarah if she stays with you. Today, I'm here to visit Sarah. "

Ruby was slightly stunned and said, "Mr. Ethan, you have known everything?"

"Yes." Ethan responded. In fa

and my answer is, you have to go."

"Okay." Fiona responded. Noticing that there was no expression on his face, she hesitated for a while before saying, "I will go jogging too? Can you give me more time? Two hours, I might be... "

Looking at Fiona from head to toe, Spencer asked, "You? Even if I give you four hours you can't arrive there. "

"Then I..."

With a squeak——

Before she could finish her sentence, an off-road vehicle stopped right next to her and Spencer. Soon after, the door of the car was pushed open and Spencer's assistant, Karl, jumped out from the car.

"Mr. Spencer!" Karl made a salute to Spencer and then greeted to Fiona, "Miss Fiona."

"Yes." Spencer then turned to Fiona and said in a lukewarm tone, "Miss Fiona, pack up your things right now. You have to stay at the seaside for half a month." Then he added scornfully, "I don't expect you to run there. After a while, I'll ask Karl to drive you there. We set off at 2:00. Now it's already 1:40."

"Okay." Fiona nodded, turned around and left.

"Haha..." As soon as Fiona ran away, Karl suddenly scratched his head and smiled, "Mr. Spencer, why do you suddenly take care of Miss Fiona? Do you have a crush on her? "

Hearing this, Spencer turned around and shouted at Karl, "Get out of here! What are you talking about, you little boy! She is just a little girl. What do I like about her? "

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