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   Chapter 245 Let's High Five And Swear (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-15 13:34

The two men instantly grappled on the ground.

Spencer's eyes turned red with anger. Looking at Robert standing in front of him, he raised his fist and punched him in the face. Robert punched at him without mercy.

The whole group froze.

In a flash, Spencer took out the dagger and pressed it against Robert's head to stop him. The latter was stunned and dared not to move.

"You lost." Spencer's voice was so cold that the shooting range seemed to be frozen.

"Mr. Spencer, you broke the rules." Robert coughed and wiped the dust on his face.

"After I gave you a punch just now, you couldn't get up either." Spencer licked the blood on the corner of his mouth and continued, "I just want to finish this battle as soon as possible."

Then, without waiting for Robert's response, he stood up and walked to the team members coldly. "Where is Fiona?"

"Mr. Spencer!" Janice saluted him and said, "Miss Fiona said she didn't feel well just now. She's leaving."

Spencer took the clothes from Karl and was about to leave.

"Mr. Spencer, where are you going?" "There is another game left." Robert stopped him

Spencer curled his lips but didn't look back. "I think two matches are enough."

Because the winner was already determined.

Running all the way to the office, Fiona calmed herself down outside and asked the guard on duty, "Is the leader inside? May I come in now? "

"Miss Fiona, come on in!"

Upon hearing the voice, the leader called Fiona in, and the guards opened the door for her.

Fiona nodded and walked in, saluted, "Leader!"

"Come and sit down." Her leader was a capable woman in her 40s. Her name was Nina Li. In the past two years, she had been taking care of Sarah for her friend - Fiona. So, they two got along well with each other in private.

"Nina, please excuse me." Fiona was a little out of breath when she ran to her. She said, "I have something to ask for your permission."

"Really? What's up? " Nina raised her head.

"I..." Fiona pressed her lips and said, "I want to change the work position with Bruce for the time being. I think it will be more convenient if he can keep Mr. Spencer company. We can exchange the position back when the exercise is over. And... "


The door of the office behind her was suddenly kicked open. Scared, Fiona shivered. She turned around and looked, only to see Spencer standing at the door, his tall figure blocking the sunlight. He was staring at her fiercely, as if he wanted to swallow her alive.

"Mr. Spencer!" Nina stood up and politely saluted to him.

Fiona was a little nervous, 'Why is he here? He came so quickly!

But Spencer didn't give any response to Nina and just took one step closer to Fiona, "You haven't finished what you wanted to say, righ

t turned out that this woman was Ruby, who brought up the child for Fiona. And the baby in her arms was Sarah. Sarah fell asleep in her arms, and her lips moved from time to time. It seemed that she was in a sound sleep.

"Nina, what can I do for you?" Ruby smiled and went to the underground garage.

"Who is Sarah's father?" Nina asked straightforwardly.

"What?" Ruby was stunned, "Why do you ask this question all of a sudden?"

"Is it Spencer?" Said Nina as she dropped a second sensitive object.

"You..." Ruby was too shocked to say anything.

"It seems that I guessed it right!" Nina breathed a sigh of relief, but she was more shocked. She had heard something about the Cheng family and what had happened to Fiona in the past two years. Today, the two them all behaved strangely that suddenly stimulated her, and the clues seemed to be connected logically.

"How do you know?"

"As I analyzed! Mr. Spencer, he has come to our base to be a drillmaster! " Nina pinched her eyebrows and said, "He's on par with Fiona. It seems that we'll have a good time here."

Ruby was shocked with her mouth wide open, "What should we do?"

"We have no choice. Just play it by ear!"


All of a sudden, Sarah felt uneasy in her arms and twisted her body. Ruby immediately said to the other end of the phone, "Oh, Nina, I have to hang up now. I'm still holding Sarah in my arms. I'll call you back when I get home! Keep it a secret! "

"Okay, I know. Go ahead with your work. "

After she hung up the phone, Ruby was on her way to the underground garage, coaxing Ruby.

Behind them, a seemingly ordinary black car quietly followed Ruby. In fact, the car had been outside the supermarket since she entered.

The man in the back seat stared closely at Sarah in Ruby's arms.

"Go to the garage with them."

"Yes, sir!"

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