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   Chapter 243 Let's Have A Competition (Part Two)

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While Spencer was confused, he looked up at once. He saw that the man who protected Fiona yesterday and Fiona were walking towards them. They were chatting while walking, with faint smiles on their faces.

He wanted to chase her? What's so good about this little girl who always was in a trance? Is there no woman in the world? The smile on Fiona's face pierced into his eyes. This was not the place for lovers!

"Mr. Spencer!" Seeing that Robert and Fiona came over, Bruce bowed to Robert.

It was not until now that Fiona saw Spencer. She just greeted him briefly without saying a word. The four stood on the opposite side, keeping a distance of two or three meters.

When Robert saw Spencer, he was just like a cock that was stimulated to fight. He felt threatened and angry every time he saw Spencer. First of all, he was very angry with Spencer because he was a man who didn't belong to the N Country courtyard. Second, the reason was that he wanted to find Fiona's trouble on the first day he came here. He was very angry.

Seeing Robert, Spencer turned to look at Fiona and said calmly, "Fiona, come here."

His tone was clearly arrogant! Fiona was enraged. "You..."

"Hi, Mr. Cheng,"

However, before Fiona opened her mouth, Robert suddenly stepped forward with a little anger, "Mr. Spencer, don't bring your emotions here. Don't put Miss Fiona in trouble."

"Haha..." Spencer sneered, "I just met Miss Fiona for the first time yesterday. Who is it to blame for her?"

'I met her for the first time.' Upon hearing this, Fiona's eyelashes trembled.

Then he continued, "But Miss Fiona works for me. I think I still have the right to ask her here, don't I?"

"Why do you ask her to go there?" Robert said, "She just finished her work. Let's talk about it after dinner."

Spencer walked two steps forward, and the anger on his face became more and more furious. "As soon as I came here, I heard that you liked Miss Fiona very much. I didn't expect you to protect her like this. In that case, let's have a competition? If I win, please don't point your finger at us. "

Fiona's eyes contracted.

"Okay." Robert took a step forward and stood in front of Spencer, not losing the momentum at all. "If Mr. Spencer unfortunately lost, don't bother Miss Fiona."

Raising the corner of his mouth, Spencer responded scornfully, "Don't worry. I'm not interested in this little girl, and I don't want to make trouble for her. I just don't want others to interfere with my behavior. "

"Okay." Robert nodded, "I understand."

Seeing this, Bruce sneaked up to Fiona and asked in a low voice, "What's going on? Why do the two men duel wit

ngth of the two."

The team erupted with cheers.

Standing beside the company, Spencer somehow kept staring at Fiona until she finished her words. Then he added, "You have to cheer me on by then, your new drillmaster. Do you hear me? "

A burst of laughter rang in the queue.

"Okay, go to have lunch!" Spencer waved his hand. Janice led the company to the canteen.

While Fiona was walking forward with the company in good relation, Spencer followed her in an arrogant manner, and they two walked side by side.

Fiona didn't want to talk to him too much and pretended not to see him.

However, after a few steps, Spencer became angrier. He shouted, "Miss Fiona, don't you see me?"

"Yes, I do." Fiona replied indifferently.

"Why don't you talk to me? !" Spencer roared.

But still looking ahead, Fiona said, "Do I know you well? But after we met a few times, I don't think we are familiar with each other. "

"You..." Totally rendered speechless, Spencer couldn't find a word to say. What Fiona said was right, but why did he feel unhappy! He had a feeling that Fiona's eyes must be glued to him and he felt familiar with her...

Thinking of this, Spencer's pupils contracted suddenly. "Fiona, did we really not know each other before?"

"If this is how Mr. Spencer flirts with girls, I don't think it's a good idea," said Fiona, smiling Finally, Fiona turned to look at him. "Mr. Spencer, I'm sorry that you have lost your memory. But I'm sorry. I've never met you before. We don't know each other."

A stern look appeared in Spencer's eyes, and his heart sank. Suddenly, he felt inexplicably aggrieved. He said indifferently, "Don't tell anyone that I've lost my memory."

"Okay." Fiona replied, and turned to hide the sadness in her eyes.

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