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   Chapter 242 Let's Have A Competition (Part One)

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With the first glimmer of light in the morning, a long sound of getting up rang in the base. Fiona, who was resting in her dormitory, suddenly jumped up from her bed and opened her eyes. The next second, she dressed herself up quickly.

Damn it. She was on duty today, so she should have got up early. Why, did she get up late!

Spencer had already waited in front of the queue in an early time. Standing straight with his hands behind his back, his handsome appearance attracted many girls' attention.

Suddenly, he looked at the crowd and saw a petite figure accurately. She was the girl who was not obedient yesterday.

Fiona was running in a hurry. She tucked her hair into her hat and lowered her head, running to the company.

Something occurred to him. Somehow, Spencer felt that he had seen this scene somewhere else.

As Fiona approached the company, the moment she lifted her head a little bit, she had already caught a glimpse of Spencer. But at this moment, she decided to pretend not to see him, and prepared to wipe him away and went behind the company.

However, as soon as she approached him, her arm was suddenly grabbed by him.

"Where are you going?" There seemed to be a hint of anger in Spencer's low voice. Did she think he couldn't see that she was hiding from him?

Fiona's body paused. She didn't look at Spencer and said, "Mr. Spencer, I want to stand in the queue."

When he heard she called him 'Mr. Spencer', he got more and more irritated. He grabbed Fiona's arm and asked, "What's your name?" His tone was more like an order than a question.

A surge of sadness surged in Fiona's heart, but she soon regained her composure. She turned around, bowed to Spencer and said, "I'm Fiona Ji, Mr. Spencer."

"Fiona, Fiona..." Murmured Spencer. The name, the name

"Mr. Spencer, may I return to the queue first?" "It's time for morning exercise," Fiona added lightly.

With a frown, he let go of Fiona and said, "You can go back!"

"Yes." Fiona nodded and turned back to the end of the queue.

The girls standing in front of him were standing orderly.

"Report to Mr. Spencer!" The team leader, Janice, went out of the line and ran in front of Spencer. "The team has made 93 people and the number is 93. Please give inst

p you company." "Mr. Spencer, I'm the only male instructor here." Bruce said proudly

After Bruce finished his words, Spencer smiled and asked, "It seems that you are very popular here? Do you feel good being surrounded by a group of female soldiers? "

"I'm not feeling good!" Bruce curled his lips and said, "A group of female team members, they are much more aggressive than me! They always say that I'm a civil official. I feel like I'm looked down upon by the whole team! How humiliating! I'm not good as Miss Fiona, she's more popular than me wherever she goes."

"Popular?" Raising his eyebrows, Spencer continued, "She is just a little girl. Why is she so popular?"

"She's beautiful and responsible. She must be equal to everyone." Bruce described the advantages of Fiona and couldn't help admiring, "Who doesn't like a woman like her? Not only here, but also in other places! "

Looking at Bruce's complacent appearance, Spencer asked, "You like her, too?"

Bruce immediately scratched his head, feeling a little shy, "Well, to be honest, I like her! Everyone likes her! "

"She came here to be an instructor! She's not here to be lovers! " Suddenly, Spencer raised his voice and roared.

Bruce was startled and quickly explained, "Mr. Spencer, I didn't mean that. I said 'like', not that kind of like, I just..." Bruce didn't know how to explain it. He looked up and said, "Mr. Spencer, look at the front. The person who really liked Miss Fiona and wanted to pursue her was our second captain!"

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