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   Chapter 241 Did We Know Each Other

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 11133

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Fiona's eyes were glued to Spencer's face, and she seemed to have forgotten how to look away. Spencer, he was still the same as before. However, their meet again made the stirred feelings in her heart were only known by herself.

"What's wrong with you, Fiona?" Robert asked in a low voice when he saw Fiona's pale face.

"No, nothing.." Before she could finish her sentence, Fiona froze for a second. As she came to herself, she turned around, put on a forced smile and replied, "I'm not feeling well."

Robert frowned and said with concern, "But you can't go away now. I'll send you back to your dormitory after that drillmaster leaves!"

"What? Okay. " Fiona nodded her head blankly. She could feel the approaching aura of Spencer. Her fingertips were cold. Suddenly, she lowered her head. The brim of her hat covered her eyes, as if she had lost her consciousness.

"Hi, Mr. Spencer," James walked forward and saluted to Spencer, "Oh, it's you, Mr. Spencer, welcome you come here."

"Hi, Mr. James." Spencer shook hands with James. Several people from the following cars politely shook hands with James.

After a brief greeting, James smiled and said, "We are all waiting for our mysterious drillmaster to come. The superior has been keeping it a secret from us. We are not allowed to know who is coming. We don't expect it is Mr. Spencer. Welcome! Welcome!"

'Keep it a secret?'? Spencer talked to him in his heart, but he didn't show any expression on his face. He just nodded and said, "In the following few days, I have to bother you."

"That's our honor." James made a gesture of 'please', took Spencer to the front of the team and said, "Let me introduce him to you guys," James pointed to Spencer, "This is Spencer, the elite of the Residential Compound of M City, who is also the commander in chief of our October exercise. During this training period, we should fully cooperate with his work. Do you understand?"


"Okay." "Let's welcome Mr. Spencer to say something." said James

Spencer looked around and saw the only one who kept her head down in the line, it was Fiona. He was surprised, but soon he looked away.

"Hello, everyone. My name is Spencer Cheng. You can call me Drillmaster. Cheng..."

"Hello, everyone. I'm your military officer. First of all, my last name is Cheng. As for the first name, you don't have to know. You can just call me Drillmaster Cheng... "

The voice of Spencer gradually overlapped a vague sound in her memory. There was nothing but a buzzing in Fiona's head. She had thought about the scene when she met Spencer again, maybe it was in Grandpa's ward saying "long time no see," or maybe she passed on a strange street, but she never thought of seeing him in the base.

Maybe the most dangerous place was also not the safest place. 'What should I do? What should I do?' Fiona wondered, clenching her fist and digging her nails into her flesh.

"Fiona, Fiona?"

"Miss Fiona?"

When she was lost in thought, she was pushed by someone. Staring at Fiona in surprise, Bruce urged her in a low voice, "Miss Fiona, what are you thinking about? Hurry up!"

"What?" Feeling that everyone was looking at her, Fiona asked with a trembling voice, "What should I do?"

Bruce felt speechless and gritted his teeth and pushed Fiona out.


this place. Mr. Spencer, what do you think? "

Spencer squinted his eyes and realized that the Miss Fiona was exactly the one she was absent-minded.

Fiona was too shocked to make any response, but her eyes showed a silent protest.

A gust of anger swelled up in Spencer's heart.

"Mr. Spencer!" But Robert suddenly stepped forward to stand in front of Fiona and said, "Miss Fiona are busy with her work recently. How about sending a vice instructor to accompany you?"

Fiona breathed a sigh of relief and glanced at Robert with gratitude. However, this scene was clearly seen by Spencer, who became even more angry.

"Really? Is that so? " "Then let..." James muttered

Spencer interrupted before James could finish his sentence. "I don't want to see any members of my team disobey orders. As an instructor, it would not be good for her to pass the buck. "

Spencer stared at Fiona coldly. He was already upset being ordered to come here, and didn't expect that someone would be disobedient on the first day. What pissed him off more was that she was so disobedient, and there were men protecting her.

"What do you mean, Mr. Spencer?" Robert seemed to be angry, "Miss Fiona didn't say anything. You should blame me. Miss Fiona is always responsible... "

"Then let her accompany me." Spencer interrupted, "As a new drillmaster here, I think I have the right to appoint someone to accompany me. Heavy task is not an excuse. "

Glancing at him, Fiona tried to hide all her feelings. She would have thought he was pretending not to know her if he hadn't treated her as a stranger. His tone was as arrogant as before.

"Yes, Mr. Spencer. I'll take you here to learn more about it in the following days." Answered Fiona casually. It was better to follow his orders and become an ordinary person in his eyes than to make him against Spencer and attract his attention.

She could pretend that they didn't know each other at all!

"Fiona..." Robert called her name and wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

"I'm fine." With a grateful smile, Fiona said, "Thank you."

"…… Well, okay. "

Spencer looked at the two people coldly. Finally, he snorted and turned around to leave.

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