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   Chapter 240 Like A Thousand Years' Separation (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-15 00:02

"We have bothered Ruby too much in the past two years. What's more, she has to manage the orphanage by herself. Don't cause trouble to her." Fiona sighed and stroked Sarah's head.

"Then give me three more months. By that time, I can take care of Sarah in the base and George doesn't need to do the rehabilitation exercise anymore." Sophia said cheerfully, "It's pathetic for our little Sarah to part from mommy at such a young age."

There was a trace of hesitation and helplessness in Fiona's smile. Three months later, maybe she had left the city and went back to D University at that time.

"All right, all right. Let's go downstairs." George checked the time.

"I'll walk you downstairs." Stepping forward, Fiona opened her arms and said to Sarah, "Sarah, would you like mom to hold you?"

"Wow..." As soon as Sarah heard that, she burst into tears. She couldn't wait to rush towards Fiona, opening her arms and crying with her eyes closed.

Heart broken, Fiona reached out to hold Sarah in her arms. As she walked towards the door, she kept comforting her, "Honey, it's all my fault. I'll bring you a gift when I come back next time, okay? I've been really busy lately. "

"Don't leave me, I don't leave mom..." The little guy cried nonstop. George and Sophia looked at each other and went downstairs helplessly.

Fiona followed them out of the house. The little guy had fallen asleep with tears on her face. What a poor guy. Fiona kissed her on her face and handed the boy to nael gently. "Thank you."

"You don't have to thank me," With a smile, Sophia followed George into the car. Suddenly she asked, "When will the chief commander come?"

"He will come tomorrow." Fiona sighed, "So I have a lot of things to do this afternoon."


ith a squeak——

The cars stopped steadily in front of them one by one.


After they saluted at the same time, the door of the first car was opened.

Everyone's eyes were focused on the mysterious drillmaster. They saw a pair of Martin boots appeared in front of the crowd first, and then a pair of beautiful hands with clear joints.

The man got out of the car quickly. When he took off his sunglasses, a handsome and domineering face appeared.


"He is so handsome!"

"So cool!"

The moment the man got off the car, a voice of admiration rose. Meanwhile, Fiona's face became paler and paler. She stood still and dared not move a little. He was Spencer! It was Spencer! It was Spencer! The one who she hadn't seen for almost three years

The history seemed to be repeated. It seemed that it had returned to the days when she had just entered the military training of D University in a few years ago. On the playground, Spencer also appeared in front of her abruptly. But this time, it was different!

Spencer got out of the car and walked a step forward.

Trembling, Fiona took a step back. Unconsciously, she took another step back.

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