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   Chapter 239 Like A Thousand Years' Separation (Part One)

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"No! No! I won't go! "

At the base on the western suburbs of M City, Spencer shouted in the conference room, "What women soldiers from the N Country courtyard? Can't you find someone else to train them? Why should you let me go? I said no! I don't have time to train them! ! Is there no one in the courtyard of N Country? "

The people of the Residential Compound of M City stood on the opposite side of the team, looking at Spencer, who was furious after hearing the decision, and explained helplessly, "Training female soldiers is one thing. The main purpose is to let you be the chief commander of this exercise, Mr. Spencer! You have to think about it in the long run. "

Eric stood aside, in the past three years, he had been promoted during Spencer's recovery. Eric frowned and remained silent while he was thinking.

"We are not going." Standing next to him, Daniel said, "Why should we be the chief commander of N Country courtyard? Is the boss giving us a difficult problem? What if we can't convince the public and screw it up... "

"Fuck off!" Suddenly, Spencer slap landed on Daniel's head, showing no mercy. "When had I ever screwed things up? Like what you said, if I don't go, I'll be spineless, won't I? "

"Oh, I didn't mean that!" Daniel rubbed the back side of his head which hurt a lot and grumbled, "You hit me too hard!"

"Spencer," the director sighed, "Let's treat it as a request, rather than an order. Your father has a reason to arrange such a job for you, right? He won't harm you. "

Spencer frowned and his brain ran fast.

"And your father said that," The director gave him a meaningful look and said, "Mr. Spencer, if you don't go, you will regret."

"Regret?" There was a confused look i

n two years! However, except for Fiona, he almost recalled everything.

In the afternoon, Spencer told them the decision. The group of people left happily and told him to take his men to go to NJ City on time next Monday.

At the base, for the new drillmaster who was coming to the company, for a week, Fiona was holding a few meetings, and had done a lot of mental work for the women in the company. Since she was so busy, she had some time to be with Sarah at night.

"Fiona, take care of yourself after we leave."

Sophia stayed in the base for a week. She was going to leave with George to the rehabilitation center on the weekend.

"Okay, I know." Fiona nodded, "Call me when you arrive."

"Don't worry." Holding Sarah in her arms, Sophia said to Fiona, "Sarah, say goodbye to mom!"

Sarah twitched her mouth and wanted to cry. She was both aggrieved and angry as she was going to leave Fiona. So she turned her face away and didn't want to talk to her any more.

George shook his head and said, "How about letting Sarah stay here and let Ruby take care of her in the base and guide the daily training of our female soldiers by the way?"

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