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   Chapter 234 They Were Destined To Pass By

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9371

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With a 'clang' sound, Spencer opened the car door. He stepped out of the car with his slender legs. Standing on the ground with his foot, he strode out of the car. He was only wearing a set of ordinary camouflage uniform without a hat, but his handsome face immediately attracted a lot of attention.

He glanced around and didn't see any expression on his face. His eyes were more like a calm pool of water.

His assistant had changed. He was a younger man, parked his car and stood beside him.

"Mr. Spencer?"

From the inside of the building came a middle-aged man in his fifties. He walked up to Spencer, stared at him and asked uncertainly, "Are you Mr. Spencer?"

"Yes, I am." Spencer replied flatly.

"Hello!" The middle-aged man immediately nodded and said, "I'm the director here. Today, let me take you to Mr. Wayne's ward."


Director Zhang swallowed hard as he looked at Spencer. As soon as Wayne lived in the sanatorium, he was told that Wayne had an outstanding grandson. But in the past three years, he had never seen his grandson who was said to be Wayne. The girl named Fiona came to visit him every week.

He also tried to figure out the relationship between this family, but was warned not to ask anything unnecessary before investigation. Thus he left the matter unsettled. All the people in the sanatorium could only deal with it gingerly.

"Director Zhang?" Noticing director Zhang staring at him, Spencer frowned and asked, "What are you looking at?"

"What?" Director Zhang was shocked and waved his hands, "No, nothing! Well How about we go to Mr. Wayne's ward? Coincidentally, that girl named Fio... "

"No, thanks."

Director Zhang was interrupted by Spencer before he could finish his words. A fleeting pain flashed through his eyes. He said, "Take me to your office first Tell me Grandpa's condition and present me all the records and medical programs of the past few years. "

"Well, well, well." Director Zhang nodded without hesitation and led him to his office.

Spencer took a deep breath. He was kind of reluctant to go into the hospital, because he had stayed there for half a year. It was a period of white without any colors, and he could do nothing or anything. Fortunately, the sanatorium was not as depressing as the hospital and there were no the smell of disinfectant.

"How is Grandpa?" Asked Spencer impassively.

"Still the same."

"Like always? !" Suddenly, Spencer roared, and his eyes turned red.

He had just remembered his grandpa's matter recently, but he was told that his grandpa was in a vegetative state. He felt guilty at the moment. He didn't know why it took him a long time to remember his grandpa, the one he loved and respected most.

Clenching his fists, Spencer tried to compose himself as he looked a

ate. How long have you been waiting?"

"Not long." Fiona smiled.

Ryan's eyes grew softer, but he took Sarah in his arms and said, "Let's go. It seemed to be raining."

"All right." Fiona nodded, "Sorry to bother you..."

"Never mind." Ryan interrupted, smiling.

Fiona took a deep breath and suddenly smiled. "Ryan, how do you know what I'm going to say?"

"Because I'm clever!" With a joking tone, Ryan said, "Get in the car!"


When Spencer just came out of the care center, he was surprised to see the young woman he had met half an hour ago in the corridor. A young man followed her into the car. How could they become parents at such a young age?

"Mr. Spencer? Shall we go? " The assistant asked.

"Okay, let's go." Then he got on the car and said, "Let's go to the SL Bar in M City."

"Yes, sir!"

In Ryan's car, Fiona held Sarah in her arms and sat in the back seat. Ryan opened his mouth, "Fiona, the new jewelry design competition of our company is about to end. Don't you really consider attending it?"

With a smile, Fiona answered, "My work schedule and the care for Sarah are enough. I don't even have time to design a piece of work! We can talk about it later. "

"You said the same when I asked you last year." Ryan was a little helpless. "You know that my company is not as good as it used to be, so we are in dire need of people like you. You don't have to work. I only need you to design a few pieces of work. "

"I believed in what you said three years ago. But now, everyone knows that ZR Company is back to life? How many designers are desperate to get in? I'm not even qualified to enter your company. "

"Isn't becoming a designer your dream?" From the rearview mirror, Ryan fixed his eyes on Fiona and tried to capture any change of expression on her face. "You've been running away for too long, Fiona."

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