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   Chapter 232 Fiona's Little Sarah

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There was a small lake in a central park in the city center of NJ City. The lake was surrounded by green grass. It was an excellent place for the family to go out for fun on weekends and holidays.

Ryan drove the car and sent Fiona to meet with Sophia.

"It's said that Sophia prepared the food by herself." With a smile on his face, Ryan walked towards the lake with Fiona and said, "She said she didn't need my help."

"Since George has left for half a month, of course Sophia wanted to do all this for him." With a faint smile, Fiona answered, "I don't know what Sophia has prepared for dinner."

"I am not particular about her. All I want is that we can eat it." Ryan joked.

"Really? Sophia would be angry when she heard this! " A naughty smile appeared on Fiona's face.

A gust of breeze blew over. Looking at the gentle smile on Fiona's face, Ryan's heart was stirred up. Fiona seemed to be more smiling than two years ago, and she could also joke with people. It seemed that things were getting better, but Ryan always felt uneasy.

Did Fiona really forget him? In the past three years, no one mentioned that person's name, but did that mean Fiona really didn't love him anymore? Did Fiona's smile really come from the heart or did she just want to hide her feelings and make everyone happy?

"Fiona! Ryan! Come here! We've been waiting for you for a long time! " As soon as they reached the lake, they heard Sophia's shout.

Fiona turned to look at the source of the voice. Sophia and George were already preparing for dinner. They were sitting on the picnic cushion. Next to the lunch was a picnic bag. There were sandwiches, salad, fried fish, and red wine.

On the cushion, a two-year-old girl was crawling around. She wore a pink dress and her soft hair was braided into a short braid. Her features were exactly the same as Fiona's.

Her bright little eyes were wide at the moment when she saw Fiona. She held the cushion and staggered to her feet. Her chubby little hands reached towards Fiona, and she ran to her with excitement. She shouted, "Mom Mom... "

That's her dear Sarah!

With a soft expression in her eyes, Fiona rushed over there and bent over to pick up the little girl. She kissed her on the cheek and asked, "Sarah, do you miss me?"

"Yes, I did." Sarah cuddled Fiona so tightly as if she was going to cry.

Ryan walked up to them and fondled Sarah's hair. "Sarah, do you remember me?"

Sarah raised her head and looked at Ryan. She stared at him with bright eyes for a long time. Then she smiled and said, "Uncle Ryan."

"Good girl!" Ryan was in a good mood. He put out his magic hands, which were beautiful with clear joints. There was a delicate hairpin in his hands, and he said, "It's for you, Sarah."

"Thank you, uncle!"

Watching the scene from afar, George said, "They look like a family of three."

Sophia chuckled and said, "I felt that when Sarah were with us, we look more like a family of three."

George chuckled and didn't make a comment.

"George, it has been almost three years. Have you decided yet?" Asked Sophia.

"Think about wha

Sarah, he had told her what he was thinking about. He hoped he could be Sarah's father. But the latter always avoided it.

He knew what she was thinking. She felt that she didn't deserve him after she gave birth to other people's baby. But what she didn't know was that in his heart, the girl named Fiona was always his goddess, the treasure he would protect even at the risk of his life.

They talked and laughed. They didn't leave until several hours later.

Sophia insisted on following George to the base. And Fiona was handed to Ryan and asked Ryan to take her to M City to see grandpa Wayne.

Two years ago, Wayne had been sent to a sanatorium in the south part of M City. It was a primary subject for Fiona to go to see his grandpa every week since it was very close to the SNJ City.

Therefore, the only way that Fiona contacted the Cheng family was to contact with Grandpa Wayne.

On the way from NJ City to M City, Ryan was in a good temper, chatting with noisy Sarah from time to time.

"Ryan, sorry to trouble you today." "Picking me up at the base and then driving me to M City. It must have been a hard work. I'll just come back with Sarah and you don't have to send me back." said Fiona guiltily.

"No way." Ryan firmly shook his head and said, "I'm worried about you."


"I don't need your apology, Fiona. I'm not tired at all." Ryan turned to look at Fiona and said, "It has been almost three years. Don't you know me well?"

Lowering her head, Fiona responded, "I know you too well that I don't want you to do so much for me. You have done enough, but I can't give you anything. "

"Fiona, I have always believed in a saying. We will see if the hard stone hits the ground. " Said Ryan firmly. In the past two years, he had relied on himself to support ZR Company. He had changed from a warm boy to a responsible man.

"Moreover..." Ryan continued, "Fiona, you are not twenty-one years old this year. Your life has just begun. There's a lot you can give me. "

Fiona opened her mouth slightly, but didn't know how to respond.

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