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   Chapter 229 I Love You (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6174

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After catching his breath, Spencer took a dagger from his pocket and pointed it at Charles. "You threw away your weapon earlier. That was a bad idea. Now, I have the upper hand," he said with a triumphant grin.

He had barely finished talking when Charles seized the syringes on the table and threw them at him as if they were darts.

"Watch it!" Spencer shouted as he dodged the needles. He didn't know what kind of drugs were in those syringes so he had to act quickly.

Charles then took a chance and raised his fist against Spencer. But midway, he stopped and threw a powerful kick instead. Spencer's grip on the dagger loosened and the weapon fell on the floor with a clang.

"Damn it!" Spencer cursed as he bent down to grab it. His fingers were about to touch the weapon when he felt a stabbing pain in his rib.

Turning his head, he saw that Charles had plunged the syringe into his side. The needle had pierced his skin and gone through his muscle.

Panic flashed in Spencer's eyes. He pounced on Charles, grabbed him by the collar, and pinned him against the wall. "What was in that syringe?"

Charles coughed casually and smiled. "Don't worry. You'll find out soon! Just give it a second!"

Outside of the room, another fight seemed to have broken out.

As Spencer held Charles by the collar, he tried to pick up the dagger but felt too weak to manage a grip.

Seeing his opportunity, Charles pushed Spencer away. His body fell limp a couple of meters from him.

Spencer staggered up but his vision was beginning to turn blurry and dark.

"How are you feeling, Spencer?" Charles clenched his fists. At that moment, the door to the room burst open. A man stood at the door and anxiously called out, "Sir, their backup has arrived! We need to retreat now!"

Charles paused before nodding, "Prepare the helicopter. We'

sorry, I love you..."

There was so much blood dripping from his lips that Eric could barely make out the shape of Spencer's mouth. The strongman had fallen down, his eyes blank and bloodshot. Eric called out for his men and with their assistance, carried Spencer outside.

"Spencer, you must hold on! Fiona's waiting for you! You can't die here!" Eric shouted as they rushed out.

Outside of the lab, the helicopter's propellers whipped loudly at the wind.

After throwing a quick look over his shoulders, Charles entered the vehicle with clenched fists, escorted by several men.

As soon as he got in, the cabin door was shut and the chopper flew up and away.

Charles stared at the remote control in his hand with a sneer. 'Spencer, should you get out of this alive, your memory would gradually disappear. It would be too painful and there would be nothing you can do about it. In that case, I'd rather be the better man and send you directly to heaven,' he thought.

And just like that, he pressed the button on the remote.

A loud explosion thundered behind them, clouding the sky with smoke and ashes.

The laboratory went up into flames and the base that Charles had managed for years disappeared in one night.

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