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   Chapter 228 I'm Sorry, I Love You (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6655

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Spencer's body stiffened and he slowly turned around. The narrow corridor was full of people, which blocked the way to the exit. Each of them was holding a weapon and pointing at Spencer.

Spencer believed that if he made a slightest movement, he would definitely become a hornet's nest in three seconds.

"Mr. Spencer, why don't you say anything?" With a tiny weapon in his hand, Charles stood in the front and said in a joking tone, "A few days ago, I thought Mr. Spencer was lazy and didn't want to come to visit me. It turns out that he is waiting for today!"


Not far away there was a easily exploded object, and Spencer felt that the ground under his feet seemed to have been shocked. He stared at Charles and lifted the corners of his mouth, as if nothing had happened, "You're so calm. Aren't you afraid that your hard work will be destroyed?"

"I don't think so." "But Mr. Spencer's weapon doesn't seem to be good. The power of explosives is too small, so that you can't to destroy my small base."

"If we make it a grand one, you will die soon. Isn't it a good deal for you?" Spencer snorted.

"You too. I don't want to you die so soon, after all, I'm looking forward to letting you see that Fiona falls into my arms. " Said Charles in a defiant manner.

In such a tense situation, they were chatting, like old friends who had not seen each other for a long time. But when the name 'Fiona' was mentioned by Charles, the relaxed expression on Spencer's face suddenly became serious.

"What qualifications do you have to mention her name? !" Spencer said through gritted teeth.

"Because I am her man!" Charles raised his chin in an instant and said, "Spencer, haven't you received the video? And the baby that Fiona is carrying... "

"It's my baby!" Spencer interrupted Charles in a cold voice, "If you want to cast a bone between us, you're wrong. I'm here to take you home for business. Don't talk nonsense."

"Really? It turns out that you don't care a

not die if you disarm."

"Who is going to die? It's not up to you!" Francis said through gritted teeth.

"Don't you think so?" Eric snorted, "The people of N Country have arrived. Except for your group, all the others have died. How can you fight?"

Eric was quite confident, but Francis didn't quite believe him. Boss's men were not that bad. Moreover, since several days ago, the helicopter had been prepared. The worst plan was to escort Boss away, but it was enough.

Although both sides had displayed their malice, because they were too close to each other and the corridor was very limited, once they fired, neither of them was able to leave. It was likely to cause damage to both sides. Therefore, the two sides were only in a stalemate.

Two people in the lab were still fighting. Although they were both wounded, they had given full play to their anger.

Bang -- bang——

The jars on the table fell to the ground, and their fragments splashed all over the floor.

There was a trace of blood on the corner of Spencer's mouth. He lifted his right foot and kicked the stool at his foot to where Charles was. Charles stumbled to dodge the drug. He was so tired that he breathed heavily. When he looked around, he suddenly found that there was a spray on the table. It was a new drug that had been tested...

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