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   Chapter 226 The Last Fight

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9765

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The base of the N Country was welcomed by a new dawn. The training field was full of orderly and loud voice.

On the way from the dorm to the canteen, Spencer just nodded at the people coming to him. Wearing a uniform, he looked intimidating and proud.

In order to successfully attack the X Organization base tonight, he had kept his phone switched off after hanging up Ethan's call last night, hoping that he could keep a good state of mind. But he felt uneasy, for no reason.

In the meeting room, everyone was waiting for him. When they saw him, they all stood up and saluted.

"Please have a seat." Spencer raised and pressed his hand, took off his hat, and sat down on the main seat. "No more nonsense. Let's get started! Tonight, everyone... "

"Don't tell others about Wayne's illness." On the other side, Ethan, who was investigating in another city, secretly told his confidant, "Come back to M City as soon as possible."

"Well, Spencer..."

"It's okay that Spencer's phone has been turned off." Ethan frowned, "If he knows..." He made up his mind and clenched his fists. 'Victor told me that father is in a vegetative state, but I couldn't go there. What's worse, I have to pretend that nothing has happened, ' he thought to himself.

"Mr. Ethan!"

"I'm fine." Ethan waved his hand. "That's it. You go back and take control of the situation. I'll be back in four days."

"Yes, sir!"

Seeing his confidant leave, Ethan gave a stern look. Wayne had managed the Cheng family for most of the time. Although he was no longer in real power, he still kept his prestige. If anyone knew what happened to him, he would take the opportunity to suppress him, which would be a threat to the Cheng family. Since the Cheng family had been thinly populated, they didn't have any other branches that could take care of and count on each other. If only Fiona's parents were still alive, that would help a lot.

"Mr. Ethan!"

While he was thinking, someone shouted, "Time's up!"

"Okay, I'll be right there." Ethan calmed down and walked forward.

It was winter vacation in D University and there were few students in it. A young and handsome man and a young lady attracted people's attention. They were nobody else but Ryan and Sophia.

"How is your teacher?" Asked Sophia.

"Not bad. He's still studying it at the end of the year." With a faint smile on his face, Ryan said, "I guess it right. I'm sure I can see him when I come to school."

Smiling, Sophia drew back her neck and said, "Ryan, it's so cold here. Let's go!"

"Okay." Ryan nodded and walked faster with Sophia. But when they passed the dormitory area, they still slowed down their pace. The small lake in front of the dormitory had been covered with ice and looked desolate.

"Hello. Are you calling me? "

"I trust you. I won't look at the student card. What do you want from me? "

"My name is Fiona."

"Nice to meet you."

ople of Charles, so he had to take actions. First, he attacked them stealthily. And then, when they were in chaos, he could ask the back support base to follow them. As long as they were all captured, it would be the best.

They had made an investigation that there would be a batch of new arrivals going into the base tonight. So their plan was to kidnap the cars and hide them in the place where Charles lived.

The special training members could adapt to the environment quickly even in the tropical rain forest. They followed Spencer and soon arrived at the place which led to X Organization to ambush.

The cars from the mine were in batches. Ten cars came into the first group, and two in the second group. The number was not suitable.


After a while, the roar of cars came from the jungle path one after another. Spencer lifted the telescope and saw four cars! Not much, just right! He gave them a look, and the other members immediately understood what he meant.

Spencer was hundreds of meters away from the cars and launched a fierce attack.

"There was an attack, Well... " The man on the passenger seat was about to shout at his companion, but was stopped by Spencer.

They started from the last car and gradually destroyed the cars in front of them. So in a few minutes, all the four cars stopped, leaving no living part on the cars.

Excitement was written all over Spencer's face. He hadn't gone to such a thrilling and challenging task for a long time, and the blood thirsty influence was stirring in his body all of a sudden. And tonight, he would kill them all!

He and Eric stood aside and commanded the team members to move the dead body from the car to the deep dark forest. After that, they cleaned the blood in the car roughly.

After the cleaning, there were five or six people in each car, who were disguised as the people coming from the mine field. They drove towards the X Organization base.

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