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   Chapter 220 A Divorce Agreement

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Hearing this, the quiet ward became even quieter. Meanwhile, both Fiona's and Celine's eyes widened in surprise. They couldn't believe what they had seen. But only for a second, Celine's lips opened slightly out of shock, and a complacent and surprised smile suddenly appeared on her face.

"Spencer..." Celine called out as her eyes turned bright.

The faint voice pulled Fiona back to reality. She was still in shock, but her feet were powerless. She took two steps back, with tears hanging on her eyes. As soon as she opened her mouth, her voice choked, as if she could not believe what she had heard. Her lips trembling, she asked again, "What did you say, Spencer?"

"Didn't you hear that?" "You either have an abortion or divorce me," Spencer added and glanced at her indifferently.

Fiona uttered the word with difficulty, "Divorce..." Her heart seemed to be crushed by Spencer's expression when she saw the calmness and indifference on his face. He just said the word 'divorce' so easily. Did he deliberately embarrass her in front of Celine?

"Have you decided?" Spencer didn't give her much time to think about it. "Tell me your choice," he added aggressively.

"I..." Out of the blue, a strong sense of sourness rose in her nose. Fiona felt something blocked in her throat. She opened her mouth, only to find tears trickling down her cheeks

Lowering her head, Fiona had no time to care about the eyes of Celine and Spencer. She cried so hard that even her shoulders were shaking. Spencer just looked at her quietly, with his back to Celine. Celine couldn't tell what expression he had on his face.

Fiona cried more and more fiercely, but she didn't make a sound.

"I just lost my baby and you are crying in my room. Are you trying to bring me bad luck on purpose?" After a while, Celine suddenly broke the silence and turned her head and looked impatiently. In fact, what made her more impatient was the attitude of Spencer. Even if he coldly told Fiona about the divorce, he did not drive Fiona away.

"Fiona, I'll ask you again. Will you choose..."


Before Spencer got a chance to repeat what he had just said, Fiona said casually. Her voice was soft, but her mood was uncontrollably heavy.

This answer caught Spencer off guard. He opened his mouth in surprise, and his expression changed several times. It was he who forced her to divorce. But now that he got her respond, why did he feel so uncomfortable as if he couldn't breathe?

Spencer once took part in a training program, the endurance training, in other words, about holding breath under the water. The feeling of being under water was like that one's lungs were going to explode, and he couldn't say anything, couldn't hear anything, and couldn't smell anything. The only feeling he had was pain. But now he was much more painful than before. The sadness from the bottom of his heart enveloped him. He stared at Fiona and suddenly did not know what to do next.

After saying that, Fiona felt like her heart had fallen into the bottomless abyss, and her mind was blank. She didn't know how ha

is for revenge, it is enough Why was the world of adults so complicated? Why... "

Ding Dong——

When George was about to step forward, the doorbell rang. George had no choice but to turn to the wheelchair, walked to the door and opened the door.

Standing outside the door, Eric bowed to him and said, "This document, Mr. Spencer asked me to get the document for Fiona's signature. "

"What document?" "Give it to me," George said while staring at Eric with confusion

Eric didn't hand it out. He took a glance at Fiona out of the corner of his eye and said, "Mr. Spencer asked me to give it to Fiona in person. I'll take it back after she sign it."

George looked at Fiona and then at Eric. He stepped back and said, "Come in please."

"Thank you." Eric nodded his head and walked to Fiona. He handed the pen to her and said, "Well Please sign it. "

Looking at the document bag, Fiona felt a little uneasy. Slowly, she opened the bag and only saw the word "divorce agreement". It seemed that someone had punched her in the head. It was so quick for her to get a divorce agreement with Spencer!

George wheeled the wheelchair over and saw the trembling hands of Fiona and the document in black and white.

"Divorce agreement? !" George roared in surprise, "Is Spencer insane?! Is he asking for death? "

Tears kept falling down from her eyes. Although her eyes were blurred by tears, Fiona could still see the handsome handwriting of the signature of Spencer. Her marriage had started with tears, and it would end with tears too. 'Spencer, why did you force me to get married and sign the papers in the Civil Affairs Bureau since you had divorced so decisively?

She gently opened the lid of the pen.

"No, Fiona!" George frowned and tried to stop her. "You can't sign it for no reason!"

"I understand what he means clearly." In a hoarse voice, Fiona filled her name in the document quickly before George came to her.

Spencer, Fiona. For the first time, their names were neatly arranged together. The first time, and also the last time.

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