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   Chapter 218 There Are Rumors Everywhere

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10065

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The man tightly closed his lips. In the dark driver's seat, his eyes were still sharp. He looked handsome and clean. It was hard to imagine that he could even kill a person in a minute. It was none other than Spencer.

The truck was about to leave the base, and it happened to pass through Spencer and Francis. Spencer took the opportunity to climb up to the car, and Francis couldn't see what was going on. Suddenly, Spencer heard Francis's words, so he opened the door of the driver's seat and came in. He was right.

"Hurry up!" Spencer gave them a gentle nudge with the knife on their forehead. "There's a fork in the road ten kilometers ahead. Drop me there."

"Yes, yes! Please spare my life. I'm so sorry! " The driver nodded immediately, with sweat running down from his temples. He stepped on the accelerator and said, "I'll drive you there safely!"

"Sir, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..." The blind man in the co pilot also said.

"I'm asking you," said Spencer casually, "Where are you from? Z Country? "

"No." The blind man answered, "We're all from T Country. We work at the mine. We don't know anything! We are good people, good people! "

"Yes, we are good people!"

"Good people?" Raising his eyebrows, Spencer said, "Good people don't have weapons with them. Hand over your weapons!"

The two men looked at each other and didn't move.

"So, you want to see blood?" Spencer said deliberately.

"Ouch! Sir, please don't move!" The blind man took out his weapon and pleaded, "Sir, please forgive me!"

"Throw it away!" Spencer looked at the man who was driving and said, "Throw his weapon away by the way."

"…… Yes, yes! " The blind man was stunned for a while. Then he quickly threw his weapon from the window and took out the knife for the driver without any explanation. "Whoosh!" he also threw away the knife for the driver. After throwing the weapons, he gave a smile to Spencer. "Sir, is that okay?"

Without answering his question, Spencer continued to ask, "If you are not a citizen of Z Country, why do you speak the language of this country?"

"We grew up on the border of Z Country and worked at the mine since childhood. The bosses of the mine are all from Z Country. We have to make a living, and naturally learn the language of Z Country."

"Do you know the people who were wearing the white gown in the base? Do you know what kind of medicine they are working on? "

"How can we know! We occasionally dropped large jades at our mine, and we are allowed to enter the base. We don't dare to ask anything after we go there. There were two men in our mine had died last time when they went to the base. We're new here. We've only been here twice. The last time we came here was two months ago! "

Spencer asked a few more questions, but found that they were also confused. He couldn't get any valuable information, so he had to give up asking.

"But there are not many people like you who can come out safely. You are really something!"

"What do you mean?"

tinge of relaxation that could not be ignored. The reason why he was so relaxed was that the baby was gone. The baby shouldn't have existed at the very beginning.

Standing in the middle of the corridor, a burst of cold air rushed into Fiona's heart. He looked stiffly at the doctors coming back and forth and at Celine being pushed out of the operating room.

She seemed to have been through too much in the past few days. Her originally sensitive heart was riddled with holes, and she was already numb with pain. All the other people could only see that she was strong enough. She herself thought she was strong enough, but she overestimated herself. After all, she was just a girl who had just become an adult. Her life was still too young. She lost her parents too early, got married too early, she saw the darkness of the society too early, and she realized people's coldness too early. Those plain days seemed to have gone.

She didn't know how the night passed. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself lying on a strange little bed. She remembered that she seemed to find a random ward and sleep in. She didn't want to be disturbed, but it was true that no one came to look for her. Being alone in the world.

But she didn't know that at this time, rumors about her in the base were everywhere. After all the things between her and Celine last night, it had changed.

"Did you hear it? Last night, Mrs. Cheng made Mr. Spencer's sister Celine lost her baby because of jealousy."

"Why did she kill her sister's baby?"

"Don't you know? Mr. Spencer's sister, Celine, is pregnant with Mr. Spencer's child! "

"Shit! This is madness! I thought Mrs. Cheng is also pregnant? "

"It is said that this young lady was arrested by members of X Organization, but she was violated and she was pregnant with other's child!"

"Mr. Spencer is so angry. There will be consequences! Mr. Spencer looked hideous yesterday. "

"Alas, what's happening now has something to do with everyone!"

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