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   Chapter 217 Infiltrate The Organization Base At Night

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10261

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Spencer then jumped off the tree and stood on a branch of a discipline branch not far from the ground. There was a man standing under the tree peeing. The man was smoking as he walked towards the jungle path.

On a path not far away, there was a large truck full of jade. There was a man sitting in the driver's seat in front of the car, and a couple of men stood in the car watching the goods, looking around vigilantly.

He gently jumped off the tree and followed the man to walk slowly along the path.

"Blind man, how can you go to the bathroom so slowly! Come on! I can't spare you for the delay! " Curses and cries came from a car far away. "Run two steps!"

"Okay, I know!" Why should we in such a hurry!" the man who was peeing reluctantly replied. But he still quickened his pace. He knew Boss's temper very well. Especially recently, his temper became violent all of a sudden. If he went to there too late, he didn't know if he could come out alive.

There was a long distance between Spencer and that man. When it was close to the truck, Spencer picked up a small stone and hit it precisely on a thick trunk. The sound fell in the quiet dense forest, which seemed very empty.

"Who? !" As expected, the man screamed with fear and turned around at once. He took out a weapon from his waist and pointed it at the endless darkness behind him.

"What's wrong? !" The man in the driver's seat got out of the car and ran to the man, "Who is that?! Come out! "

They waited for a long time but dared not come forward. There was no other sound echoed in the forest. In confusion, one of them answered, "It seems there is nothing."

"Nothing, nothing!" The man next to him patted him on the back of the head impolitely and said, "There's nothing. Why are you making a fuss?! Are you blind or deaf? That's a compliment! Go back! " Then he walked back while cursing.

Followed by the man called blind, the other man mumbled, "The sound I heard might be from a wild cat or a dog..."

The two of them got on a truck, exchanged a few words with several guards guarding the jade, then started the car again and drove towards the base of X Organization.

Only the sound of engine and wind could be heard in the forest.

At this time, no one noticed that a person was catching at the bottom of the truck, trying to enter the X Organization base with the car. It was none other than Spencer.

There was a light tower inside the base of X Organization. At night, the strong light on the tower continued to shoot at every dark corner, making people passing by have nowhere to hide in the darkness.

A few minutes later, the car arrived at the base. It was stopped for inspection as usual.

Spencer was hiding in the bottom of the car. From the reflection of the dim light, he could hear the conversation.

"We are from the No.10 mine field. The new ores were produced last week. Boss asked us to bring them here tonight."

"You get on the car and have a check!"

"Yes, sir!"

Steady footsteps came to this side, followed by a rustling sound. After

mind to follow the car and escape. The car was getting closer and closer to him, fifty meters, twenty meters, ten meters...

With a meaningful glance of Francis, the man next to him moved to the back of the off-road vehicle. "Don't..." When he was about to shout, he found that there was no one there. "Sir, no one!" The man turned around and said to Francis.

"Nobody?" 'Am I too sensitive? Looking at the car leaving the base, Francis frowned and was about to nod his head when he shouted, "Stop the car!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Stop the car in front! Close the door! Prohibition of release! "

At the same time, the truck had rushed out of the base, and with a "squeaking" sound, the truck stopped slowly. The people on the truck rushed down to the side of Francis, almost kneeling down, and said in a trembling voice, "Leader, what's wrong? What happened? "

Francis didn't answer him. The only thing he could do was to take the weapon from a man next to him. When he walked to the truck, he suddenly squatted down with his eyes closed.

The air around him seemed to have solidified, but he found nothing unusual. Nobody?

Francis looked around and finally waved his hand. "You can go now!"

"Yes, sir!" The people coming from the mine area seemed to be relieved and hurriedly said, "Hurry up, go quickly!"

The car started again. The person on the driver's seat slammed on the accelerator, and the car ran like an arrow from the bow.

"Fuck! I'm scared to death!" The man muttered as he drove.

"Yes, did the captain suspect that there was someone under the car?" The blind man said.


"Ah, what a bad day today. I thought there was someone in the forest when I came here, and I almost died when I came out..."

"Don't move!"

While they were talking, they suddenly felt a hard object against their heads. They looked at each other through the rearview mirror and saw a man sitting in the narrow gap behind their seat. He was holding a knife with his left and right hands respectively, pointing at their heads.

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