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   Chapter 216 This Was Not A Peaceful Night At All

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10147

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"I heard that you haven't eaten either?"

A distant and sarcastic voice came into her ears. Fiona shrank her body and looked at the door unconsciously. When she saw the figure in the darkness, she pursed her lips but did not make any sound.

Duh duh duh——

The high-heeled shoes cracked a crisp sound as they walked on the floor. Celine walked in elegantly and clasped her arms against her chest. She put on a haughty look and replied, "I know, pregnant women have a bad appetite."

Fiona's pupils shrank. The last sentence in her mind was that Celine was pregnant with the child of Spencer, Celine was pregnant with the child of Spencer... Her head seemed to be torn apart, and she was so stuffy that she could hardly breathe. It had never occurred to her that one day, in such an awkward situation, she suddenly understood a lot of things.

For example, it was an unexpected surprise to have a baby with Spencer, and it felt heartbroken to be misunderstood by him. The relationship between him and Spencer made her jealous, and all in all, she fell in love with Spencer!

After realizing this, that was her true feeling towards Spencer, Her eyes reddened.

"Since the very beginning, my goal has been very clear," said Celine, standing in front of the sickbed, with her feet right on the moonlight. Staring at Fiona, she continued, "I don't want to oppose you, but why you are the wife of Spencer? I'm sorry. " After saying that, Celine touched her belly and said, "This baby Is it the flesh and blood of Spencer and me! "

Bastard! Gripping her trouser legs tightly, Fiona raised her head slightly. She said in a hoarse voice that she had never heard before, "Celine, get out of here..."

"Fiona, when are you going to divorce with him?" Celine raised her eyebrows and ignored what Fiona said.

"Divorce..." Fiona whispered the strange word, as if she had heard it for the first time and she felt averse to it. Speaking of divorce, she had never thought of divorcing even though she had been through so much with Spencer. When it was mentioned by Celine, she had an impulse to defend her marriage. She loved Spencer so much that she didn't want to divorce.

"You don't want to divorce, do you?" Of course, Celine noticed the look on Fiona's face, and continued to provoke her, "That's right. He's so excellent, and you naturally don't want to divorce him. However, there are things that you can't control. Even though your grandpa loves you very much, he won't allow you to be pregnant with other people's child. Besides, the prospect of Spencer's career prospect is beyond your imagination. You are not qualified to be a stigma in his life. "

"Stigma?" Fiona moved her stiff body. "Why don't you believe me? The person in the video is not me... "

"It's not that I don't trust you, it's just that I don't trust Charles." Celine gritted her teeth, "Do you know what kind of person he is?"

Frowning, Fiona was lost in thought. 'In her impression, Charles is still Ryan's brother, the boss of ZR Company and esta

looked for the hidden base with the help of news. Occasionally, a truck would pass through the jungle path. He hid behind a big tree and thought that he had found the right way.

After a few hours' drive, he finally arrived at the destination. When he saw the huge base, he thought, 'It is true that Charles did it! He was determined to go in, but how could he find a way?

He furrowed his eyebrows. It seemed that he was only five hundred meters from the base. He turned his head and looked at the towering trees around. He patted the thick and hard bark and decided to climb up the tree to observe it.

Climbing trees was a piece of cake for him.

He climbed up the tree slowly. After climbing a few meters, the trunk became smooth without any branches. There was nothing that he could hold anymore. Suddenly, he took out a Swiss Army knife from one side of his boots and wielded the knife. As the knife was stabbed into the thick trunk of the Martin, he got to climb up again by force.

Almost reaching the top of the tree, he found a sturdy branch and stood on it. Covered by the thick leaves, he finally saw the entire look of X Organization.

He leaned on a branch and took out a telescope from his backpack on his back. The telescope was prepared in advance. He looked at it while memorizing the terrain. This time he just wanted to make sure the exact place. 'Well, Charles, be careful next time!' he thought!

There was a huge laboratory in the west of the base. Many people were in white gown. Sometimes, the most terrible thing was drug dealing. Like the batch of drugs intercepted at the airport of M City, if they spread to the market, the impact would be immeasurable!

He attached great importance to the lab in his heart and was about to explode it on another day.

"Hoo, hoo, Hoo..."

After a while, a whistle came from under the tree, accompanied by footsteps, followed by the sound of pee. Standing on the tree, Spencer arched an eyebrow, smiled and started to get off the tree quietly.

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