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   Chapter 214 Don't Hurt My Baby

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10532

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Several people's shout soon attracted a crowd of onlookers. When the doctors, nurses and patients heard the voice, they curious poked their heads out, but did not dare to look at it directly. They just hid in the corner and whispered.

With his hand hanging in the air, he looked at the direction where the voice came from. The look in his eyes was filled with Fiona's frustration and helplessness.

Meanwhile, Fiona was stepping back. This was the first time that she had plucked up all her courage and wanted to face Spencer from the very beginning. However, it turned out to be a failure!

"Fiona, you are the last one can say that we're disgusting!" Stepping forward, Celine pointed at Fiona and shouted, "If you are innocent, why did you sleep with Charles in Manor Residence?! Why didn't you tell Spencer that you were pregnant with Charles's baby? "


Fiona's mind went blank, and she stopped crying. She stared at Celine in disbelief, and asked in a hoarse voice, "What did you say? Whose child is it? "

"To tell the truth, it's Charles's baby!" Step by step, Celine walked towards Fiona, whose face gradually contorted with anger. With every step she took, her tone became more and more serious, "Fiona, you've been dating with Charles for a long time, right? When you were in the company, your relationship were not clear. Who knows if you have conspired with him to arrange this kidnapping! Were you trying to steal some kind of information by returning to Spencer after bearing his baby? Hmm? "

Before she finished her last sentence, Celine walked up to Fiona and stared at her, as if she was going to eat her alive. Why Spencer and Charles treat Fiona like treasure? What's worse about her than Fiona? Well, Fiona and Charles were getting involved this time, I will get rid of both of you!

"Celine! Watch your mouth! " Fiona's eyes were red with anger, trembling all over her body. Looking at the domineering Celine, she raised her hand and slapped her hard.

"Fiona!" Someone screamed at this critical moment. The atmosphere in the corridor seemed to be frozen to the ice. It was none other than George who came out after hearing the noise. Looking at the situation, he couldn't help screaming.


Her arm was grabbed by someone tightly. Fiona raised her head and saw the man standing in front of her. Tears streamed down her face.

"Don't be naughty, Fiona!" Spencer stepped forward in front of Celine to block the slap on her face.

"You mean I'm being unreasonable?" Choking with sobs, Fiona asked. All of a sudden, she remembered the day when Spencer had been told that she was pregnant, not daring to ask her about it. So she asked, "You don't believe me, do you? You think I colluded with Charles? Do you also think that the baby in my belly is Charles's? "

"Of course it's his. You..."

"Shut up!" With red eyes, Spencer turned to scold Celine who was about to open her mouth. After that, he turned around and dragged Fiona to leave. "Go with me."

"I won't leave!" Abruptly, Fiona shook off his hand and wiped the tears off her face. "If you don't make it clear to me today, I won't go any

and comfort Fiona as he saw her crying sadly. 'How I wish I could rush forward and give a punch to Spencer to help her out, ' he thought. 'But he doesn't even have the strength to stand up. And now, can't he step in the affairs in the base?'?

"George, that's not what I meant! I just don't want you to think too much. It's not good for your health! " Leo sighed and shook his head. "Outsiders are just about T Country. We sneaked into their country in order to save people, so they came to find trouble with us just now.! We have to give them an explanation. What's more, there will be disputes between the two countries! "

After hearing that, George seemed to know everything, but his eyebrows were still stretched.

In the ward, Fiona was very tired of crying, but she was still held by Spencer in his arms. She had no strength to resist, so she could only turn her face away and do not look at him.

"Fiona, let's start over, okay?" Seeing her calm down, Spencer whispered, "When we return to M City, let's start over and forget all the unhappiness here."

"Start all over?" Fiona looked at Spencer ironically, "How do you want to start all over again?"

"I'll send Celine abroad and never see her again. I swear! And you... " After a short pause, Spencer felt his throat was blocked by something. Slowly, he said, "If you have an abortion, I'll pretend nothing has happened. Let's start all over again."


Fiona raised her hand and slapped hard on his face, "You have killed me a child! Do you want to take off the second one as well?! You bastard, Spencer! I won't allow you to hurt my child! No way! "

"You are right to call me asshole..." Spencer then turned his head sideways and suddenly turned around. His eagle like eyes were giving out terrifying light. "You can't keep this child!" It must be certain that the child was his. Or he couldn't allow any possibility that Fiona gave birth to other people's child!

"Why can't I keep my child! He is your child! " Grabbing his clothes, Fiona burst into tears again. "He is your child! How can you be so heartless? "

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