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   Chapter 209 She Got Pregnant

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The moon hung high on the tree and shone the moonlight on the room. On the bed, Fiona was lying in his arms with her back to him. And Spencer was lying on his side. His left hand gently touched the mark of square on her back, but her eyes became deep gloomy.

Resting her head on his arm, Fiona was like a quiet kitten.

"Are you tired?" Spencer asked in a hoarse voice.

Hearing that, Fiona's ears turned red. When she was about to nod slightly, she thought for a while and shook her head hastily.

He tightened his grip on her waist and asked, "How did the two scars on your back disappear? How could this strange mark be added on your back? "

Surprised, Fiona turned over immediately with her eyes wide open, "You, you saw it before, didn't you? Why do you ask me now? "

"I forgot it." Spencer said casually but didn't look at her. Apparently, he avoided this question.

Fiona rolled her eyes and there was a hint of sadness in them. "When I was in the Manor Residence, Charles asked someone to mark the X mark on my back. I was surprised too. "

"Other than this," said Spencer, who swallowed hard and wanted to know the answer eagerly in his heart, "What else did he do to you?"

What else did he do? With her mouth half open, Fiona's eyebrows knitted, she shivered violently. She thought of the night she ran away,.

Spencer focused on Fiona's reaction, looking at her shivering face, and thinking of the content of the video, he felt more and more painful. He whispered, "If he did anything to you, tell me, and I'll make him pay for it, okay?"

The expression in Fiona's eyes was back to normal. "Don't go to him in private. We must solve this matter legally."

"Haha..." With a meaningful smile, Spencer continued, "I know that our Fiona is a good girl, and she always abides by the law. No matter what happens, she wants to solve the matter legally."

'Yes. Last time, the things she wanted to solve through legal means was the things about Leona. But

"Leona is dead." Fiona said with her lips trembling.

"Well, it's okay." Spencer patted on her back and comforted, "It's a better choice for her to end her life rather than live in a dark place like the Manor Residence."

Fiona didn't say anything. She only knew that Leona was not a bad person. Otherwise, she would not have found a way to help her leave and she would not have taken the bullet for her. It was just that the life in front of her was gone at such a young age.


The phone rang as it fell on the clothes scattered on the ground. He turned over and reached out his long arm to accurately find out the right position of the phone. He took out his cell phone and saw the caller ID, he frowned and got out of the bed. "I have to answer the phone."

"Okay." Fiona had no doubt. It was very complicated about the work. She couldn't hear their calls.

Spencer gently closed the door for her and walked to the balcony. Against the breeze, h

you can leave here." The doctor nodded.

In the afternoon, in the confidential meeting room, Spencer rubbed his eyebrows and said, "I will go to the base of X Organization in five days."

"Five days? !" Eric cried out in surprise. When he saw everyone was surprised, he said, "Five days is too late to prepare anything! We plan to take action after half a month! "

"Yes, Mr. Spencer! We are still in the stage of arrangement. Five days is too short! "

"That's right!" Other people echoed.

"Enough!" Spencer thumped the table, "So what if it is a tight plan? Can you ensure that everything is all right?! I said five days later and I won't change my mind. If you disagree, I can go there alone! " Then he stood up straight and made a sharp noise when he drove the chair to rub against the ground.

"Mr. Spencer!" Eric wanted to say something more.

"I can't stand it anymore." Spencer squinted his eyes and walked outside.

"No, I can't wait any longer!" As Celine just moved into the dormitory, she was pacing back and forth in the room. She had just asked Charles to send the video to her. It would be better if she could show this video to Fiona and reveal her real face when Spencer was there, either!

"Mr. Spencer!"

"Mr. Spencer!"

As she was thinking about this, a voice suddenly came from downstairs. She quickly ran to the balcony and as expected, she saw Spencer walking towards the dormitory building and approaching it.

What a good chance! God helps me!

Celine smiled insidiously. After a short pause, she ran to Spencer's dorm with her phone in his hand. She knew that Fiona was inside!


A loud knock sounded on the door. Fiona opened the door in confusion. With a light click, the door was pushed open by Celine.

"Celine?" With a surprised look, Fiona asked, "What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing? !" Pointing her fingers at Fiona, Celine bellowed, "I'm here to lay bare your lies! You are a whore! "

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