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   Chapter 201 The Familiar Feeling (Part One)

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What a naive question!

Fiona snorted in her heart, meanwhile, she didn't notice that she had clenched her fists. Not knowing since when, she had a little bit of expectation for him and had a little bit of dependence on him. Was it because of the scene at the foot of Maple Mountain where he came in surprise to save her? Was it the phone calls they missed when Spencer was not in M City? Or the intensive sex every night?

The more she thought about it, the more flustered she became, because she couldn't even say the word "don't love".


"Mr. Spencer!" When he was about to say something, Eric ran to them from a distance and stopped a few steps from them. He glanced at Fiona and said, "The meeting has begun."

"Okay." With a frown, Spencer waved his hand and told Eric to wait for him beside.

"I'm going back." As soon as Fiona was about to leave, her arm was held by Spencer.

"Fiona, I'll wait for your answer. I'll give you a few days to think about it." He touched her face softly, looked at her and continued, "Think carefully about our future, even if we start all over again, I I really need your answer. "

Then he kissed her on her earlobe. When Fiona was in a daze, Spencer waved to his subordinates who were patrolling and ordered him expressionlessly, "Send her back to my dormitory."

"Yes! Mr. Spencer! "

Then he turned around and strode away. Fiona turned around and looked at his back. His tall figure, strong back and rhythmic pace exuded a breathtaking momentum.

Even they had married and done the most intimate thing with her, but this sense of keeping a distance was always in her heart. Did she love him?

Fiona didn't know why she was acting like this. But she just couldn't help but feel that if she admitted that she loved him, she would lose.

"Madam, it's hot outside. Shall we go

aid, "Let's start."

The conference was aimed at X Organization, which gradually appeared in the public. Because this incident involved a huge economic conflict between T Country and ZR Company, thus it had become a major research problem. It became the main problem of research that weather to eliminate the X Organization or don't take any action.

"It's not the time yet. Many people have sacrificed themselves to save the two people. I think we should stay put for the time being, recuperate, and find a better way to break through. This is the question we should consider now." Leo was the first to speak.

"I think it's a good chance for us to fight. As we get injured, so does the X Organization. We'd better take this opportunity to catch them off guard. Otherwise, when Charles gets the official protection of T Country, it will be very difficult for us to kill him again."

"I agree. After we illegally broke into the capital of the T Country and went to the Manor Residence to save people, we even launched a gun battle. This series of actions has seriously threatened our reputation. If we do so, we will be punished by our superior. If we annihilate them all, we will have a reason to dispute. We do justice! "

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