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   Chapter 195 Fiona's Antidote (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-05 02:32

"No!" Fiona shrieked, her hands gripped tightly onto George's clothes. Her eyes were open wide with shock as the rain flowed down her face mixed with her tears.

George was well aware of what was happening behind him, but he neither turned around nor stopped. He was scared that if he did either of these things, he wouldn't be able to move anymore as his body had taken enough damage for the day.

"George!" Watching him slow down, Eric rushed to his side. "What are you doing? Run!" As he said those words, he shot at another man who lunged at them.

George nodded and sprinted to the car while Eric covered for them. He swiftly opened the car door and shoved Fiona into the back seat before getting in next to her and shutting the door immediately.

"Let's go!" Eric yelled as he climbed into the driver's seat and started the car.

As the members of the base protected Eric and the others, they retreated. At the same time, they threw out the smoke grenades in their hands. Outside Cherry Grove Residence, the air was so dense and foggy that no one could see their own hands.

It was important and vital for them to end the fight right away. As Fiona was now safe, they couldn't risk fighting any longer than necessary. Besides, they were on foreign soil in T Country now. If they didn't retreat in time, they might get captured by Charles and would be stuck here.

"I must save Leona!" Fiona kept shouting in the back seat of the car, desperately clawing and banging on the window as she gasped for breath. "Leona!" She helplessly watched Leona collapse in front of her eyes. As Leona turned and fell, Fiona noticed blood dripping from the corner of her lips as she tried to smile, almost as if she were relieved.

"Fiona!" All of a sudden, George pulled Fiona back and held her in his arms tightly. "It's no use going back to Leona now! She's dead. We can't do anything!"

"No!" Fiona wailed. She was weeping uncontrollably, feeling devastated. George's arms tightened around her, making her feel more warm.

All of a sudden, he coughed. Blood oozed out of his lips, but he didn't let go of her, not even caring that they were completely soaked from the rain. He had promised Spencer that he would bring Fiona back safely, no matter what happened! Be that as it m

s he loaded the gun. He was smooth and swift in his movements. Bang! Bang! Bang!

He held the gun firmly and kept firing. As sparks flew from the pistol, water and blood splashed everywhere. He looked more barbarous and intense under the faint smog. "George...Spencer..." he muttered hatefully.

Meanwhile, the weather in the southern county base was dull, but there was no rainfall.

"Spencer! Spencer, you mustn't go out!" Leo stopped Spencer with all his might, and several doctors behind him blocked his way. "George will get Fiona back safe and sound! You are hurt. You shouldn't go out!"

"Stay out of my way!" Spencer roared and glared at him, his eyes red with anger. His face was stained with blood and dirt. When they were at the entrance of the run-down station, Spencer had taken great care of Celine's safety, but at the expense of his back, which had been burned by the heat waves from the explosion. Nearly half of his back had bad burns and had bled profusely. He had brought Celine back in a hurry and calmed her down. Only then had he gone to the doctor to treat the wounds on his back. He had heard that Fiona was supposed to be back but he hadn't seen her yet.

"Spencer, you can't go out!" Leo tried his best to stop him in an imposing voice. "Your health is the most important thing at the moment. Do you want to die by going to Cherry Grove Residence now? Even though your rank is higher than mine, I have to act as someone older than you and be responsible for you! Go back inside right now!"

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