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   Chapter 194 Rescued The Two Of Them Successfully (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10474

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"Cover! How can you fucking cover it up? !" Spencer stood still, glaring at the person and roaring, "That's easy to explode! Run! " Then he turned to his men and shouted, "I order you to run away now! Run as fast as you can! "

The red dot was still flickering

Spencer's face turned ghastly pale. With a stern look on his face, he suddenly carried Celine on his shoulder and turned his back to the station. As he ran forward, his men began to run after him as well. But none of them was faster than him.

What a group of idiots!

He kept cursing in his heart, but he did not relax at all. Only if he ran fast could people behind him speed up their steps. Ten meters, twenty meters, fifty meters, one hundred meters, two hundred meters They were about to reach the safe distance.


All of a sudden, the deafening explosion arose in the examining station. The sky was as bright as day, and a huge mushroom cloud rose.

Spencer felt a huge heat wave coming towards him from behind and then his body was stirred up by the waves of air. His back was burning hot.

With a thud, he got on top of Celine and his body fell heavily to the ground. He couldn't see things clearly because of his buzzing ears.


In the Manor Residence. The rain grew heavier and heavier, but nobody seemed to be able to feel the rain outside the gate of Manor Residence. The bodyguards still remained expressionless, even if the following things Charles was going to do, which was not suitable to watch.

"No --"

With a shrill scream of Fiona, Charles was pinned down against her body. His big hand grabbed her collar and tore it violently. With a sound of "rip", Fiona's thin clothes were torn into pieces, and her snow-white shoulder was exposed in the air.

She hated it when it was raining, because she would have a fever every time it rained. But the current situation made her feel more embarrassed than when she had a fever a thousand times, which made her feel that life was worse than death for the first time

"Fuck off! No! Don't come over... "With her last consciousness, Fiona kept pushing Charles.

"You don't want it?" Raising her eyebrows, Charles looked at Fiona and said, "I remember that So does Spencer. I don't mind doing the same thing with him! "

"You are different from him!" Fiona roared subconsciously, not knowing why she said that all of a sudden

"Different?! What's the difference? " Charles's eyes suddenly turned red, and the muscles on his face were slightly twitching because of anger. "Fiona, you have annoyed me too much!"


Accompanied by a thunder and a terrifying lightning, the look on Charles's face became more and more vicious. He fixed Fiona between the wall and himself. His eyes became dim, slowly pushing his hot lips down along her slender neck, and all the way to her collarbone

"Emm..." Fiona couldn't help but letting out a muffled groan, her face bathed in tears. Did Charles want to have sex with her outside the door in front of so many people?

"Fiona, Fiona..." The more Charles got excited, the more he kept calling her name, "Don't struggle, be

George yelled Fiona's name.

It was hard for Fiona to open her eyes. With a few blurry sounds, she heard a gunshot. The heat inside her seemed to have eased the tense atmosphere.

"George, I feel so bad..." After recognizing the man's face, she spoke with a shivering voice. She gritted her teeth, and her nails were dug into her skin, which made her feel no pain.

"You'll be comfortable soon. I'll get you out!" George said in a hurry. He lifted her to his chest, but his body was shivering. With Eric's cover, George rushed to the car slowly.

Charles picked up the gun, put his hand on his face and wiped away his tears. Then he raised the gun and pointed it to George and Fiona. He didn't expect that George would risk his life to save Fiona. But since he couldn't get her, he had to destroy her!

Bang - the bullet burst out!

"Uh..." All of a sudden, George stopped. With his eyes wide open, Fiona sensed that something was wrong. She bit her teeth and asked hastily, "George What's wrong? "

"Nothing." George said with a low and hoarse voice. Then he picked up his pace again and took Fiona to walk forward. But this time, he slowed down.

"Humph!" Charles snorted again. When he was about to pull the trigger, he saw a man. "Leona? !" Charles frowned. He never thought that Leona could stand up with her consciousness.

"Fiona! Run away - "Leona stood in front of Charles and opened her arms, as if she was going to die. Although she knew it was impossible for her to resist Charles, she still made up her mind to take a step!

Hearing her name being called, Fiona hurriedly looked to the source of the voice, but when she saw it, her eyes became red and her thoughts were gathered.

Not far from them, Charles held a gun and pulled the trigger at Leona's body mercilessly.

Bang! Bang! Bang——

"Leona!" The shrill voice of Fiona echoed in the room.

Leona's body trembled, and blood flowed out of the corners of her mouth. As she spun the sky and earth, she fell slowly, with her pupils dilated. 'Fiona, I'm sorry. Ryan, I'm sorry This time, I'm free!

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