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   Chapter 191 He Abandoned You (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-05 00:16

Thunder rumbled in the dark sky.

As lightning flashed overhead, the blustery wind lifted up Fiona's skirt. She tried to stay calm as she looked at the sight in front of her. Around twenty to thirty armed bodyguards were standing behind Charles with their guns aimed at her.

Charles walked toward her with a light smile on his face, as if meeting an old friend at the park. "What's the matter? Are you surprised that I'm here?"

As Charles inched closer, Fiona stepped further away from him, her face turning as white as a sheet. Trembling with fear, she asked him, "What are you doing here?"

Charles laughed mirthlessly as he raised his head and looked up at Cherry Grove Residence. "This is my home. Why shouldn't I be here? But you, on the other hand... what are you doing here? T Country isn't safe at night. You shouldn't be running around at this hour."

Fiona opened her mouth to say something, but stopped and reevaluated the situation she was in. She closed her eyes, feeling disheartened and upset. But when she cleared her mind and slowly opened her eyes, she had a strong and determined expression on her face. "You've known the truth for quite a while now, haven't you? You knew about my plan to escape and you were waiting here to catch me, weren't you?"

"Fiona, sometimes you're so brilliant that it almost pains me." Charles nodded. "I just came here to see if you would really go back to Spencer. It looks like the answer is yes. Be that as it may, you have a price to pay for your choice."

As soon as he finished his words, Charles raised his hands in the air and clapped loudly. Two bodyguards stepped out of the darkness, dragging a woman with torn clothes and unkempt hair.

As the street lamp gradually illuminated her face, Fiona realized that the woman was none other than Leona!

"Leona?" she cried, unable to control herself. When she tried to rush to Leona's side, the bodyguards stopped her.

Charles stared at Leona coldly and watched her get knocked dow

son you've been thinking of all this time has left you! He has abandoned you! He has gone to a different place, risking his life to save Celine. He's not going to come for you anymore! Don't be foolish, Fiona."

'Abandoned me? To save Celine?'

The thunder in the sky

seemed to get louder and sharper, ringing in her ears. With a heavy heart, Fiona sniffed. Her eyes opened wide as she said, "No... That's absurd! You are lying!" Her mind was clouded and she couldn't think straight. She forced her lips into a smile, which made her face look worse after all the crying.

Charles snorted. "Why would I lie? You don't believe my words?"

"No, I don't. Of course I don't believe you!" Fiona shook her head and roared as she suppressed her impulse to cry. She covered her ears with her hands, trying to block out everything that he was saying.

Looking at her trembling body, Charles felt sorry for her. He smiled wryly and said, "Fiona, I know you believe my words. You're just scared to admit the truth. When it comes to Celine, you've always felt insecure. You don't know for sure if Spencer loves you more than he loves her, so you try to avoid acknowledging the fact that he has left you for good."

"No, that is not true!" Fiona raised her head and looked at him with tears running down her face. "There's still time..."

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