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   Chapter 190 The Escape Plan At Night (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6290

Updated: 2020-03-04 11:50

"Well Damn Damn it... "

"Shut up!" The man behind Celine kicked the stool leg and threatened, "If you keep screaming, I will have sex with you here!"

Bastard! Celine cursed in her heart and couldn't help but burst into tears.

With a squeak——

After a long time, when Celine was desperate and helpless, she heard tires squeal as they rubbed the ground, the sound of engine stalling, and then the sound of car engine stalling——

"Where is Celine?"

A familiar voice came out. It was Spencer! It was Spencer who came to save her!

All of a sudden, Celine sprang on the chair and looked outside. In a hurry, she stuttered, "I I'm here... Hmm... "

"Take her out." Francis ordered, the two of them dragged Celine who was on the chair out.

Outside the check point, Spencer was standing in front of a car and behind him was endless darkness. He was like an arrogant soldier with straight and sharp figure. The moment he saw Celine, his eyebrows imperceptibly knitted.

"Help..." When Celine saw Spencer, she struggled as hard as she could. Nothing could weigh up to a man risking his life to save you at such a dangerous moment. That was even more moved! Tears streamed down Celine's cheeks.

Standing next to Celine, Francis took out his gun all of a sudden. With two click sounds, he loaded his gun and shouted at Spencer, "Mr. Spencer, do you feel hurt?"

Spencer's heart jolted when he didn't see Charles, but he had no time to think about the emergency. Having no response to his question, Spencer demanded, "Let her go."

"Let her go?" With a mocking smile on his face, Francis said, "We have worked so hard to bring her from Z Country to T Country. If we agree to release her because of Mr. Cheng's request, that would be too shameful."

"Then what do you want?" Spencer was delaying the time by talking to Francis to check the terrain and the number of t

ly had an impulse to retreat.


Right at this moment, a new message popped up.

"Why haven't you come out? In trouble? I'm outside. Listen to me knock the door. "

Fiona felt relieved when she saw the message. The next second, she heard a faint rhythmic knock at the door.


Her heart raced uncontrollably. She turned around and ran towards the door with her shivering hands. When she saw a group of men on patrol coming this way, she realized that they were on patrol.

With a squeak——

The moment the door was opened, Fiona pushed it open and walked out. She saw a tall and strong man standing near a car, with his back to her.

"Spencer!" Fiona couldn't help crying out. With tears in her eyes and a slight smile on the corner of her mouth, she looked relaxed and relieved.

The man was startled by the name, but said nothing. After a few seconds, the man slowly turned around. His face was still dark under the reflection of the street lamp.

"Spencer, you..."

The moment the man turned around, she was about to step forward. But as he turned around, she stopped. Her smile froze on her face, and her body shrank back. She screamed out the man's name in horror, and her voice trembled, "Charles... Charles? "

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