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   Chapter 186 Communication Via SMS (Part Two)

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The only thing that displeased her was the maids and bodyguards following behind her.

"Where is it?" Fiona looked at the small building which behind the main house and asked.

"That's the back house of Manor Residence."

Looking at the women coming in and out of the house from time to time, Fiona thought of what Leona had said, and frowned secretly. Was they the lovers of Charles? They are indeed of great quantity and quality.

"Is Leona inside?" Fiona asked again.


"Then I'll go find her." With these words, she walked forward.

"Miss Fiona!" "Miss Fiona, if you to see Leona. I asked her to come to you. Please don't go to the backyard. There are all lousy women," Emily persuaded and stopped her.

"Are you trying to stop me? !" Fiona frowned and suddenly became serious. She said, "Charles had said that he won't limit my freedom. Do you want to disobey your Boss?! Get out of my way! "

Upon hearing the name of Charles, Emily trembled with fear. She stammered, "But Miss Fiona I am just... "

"No buts!" With a snort, Fiona bypassed her and ran to the back of the house. Not knowing whether they should stop her or not, the maids and bodyguards hesitantly followed her.

Stepping into the house, Fiona saw a big living room where three or five women were sitting and several women were walking up and down. When those women saw Fiona come in, they curiously looked at her up and down.

"Wow, look this little sister, where do you come from?" A woman in silk nightdress stood up from the sofa and frivolously walked towards Fiona. "Are you new here? When did Boss lose his taste and take this bean sprout dish? "

Fiona glanced at her and asked, "Is Leona here?"

The woman rolled her eyes and sneered, "It's the first time I've heard that someone comes here to look for someone."

"Miss Feng," Emily came to her and stood in front of Fiona, "Please don't be presumptuous. This is Miss Fiona, brought back by Boss to the main house. Watch

is, George caught up with him and asked, "Where did you find her? Why didn't you bring her back? "

"It's a long story." Spencer frowned and said, "I'm going back to change my clothes. There's an emergency meeting in an hour." After saying that, he hesitated for a while and said again, "I want to get Fiona out of here."

"Okay." George nodded, "I'll inform other people. Have a good rest and see you in the meeting room in half an hour."

In the control room of X Organization base, Charles was watching the surveillance video in the laboratory. He said, "Send this batch of goods to M Country tomorrow. We must hurry up."

"Yes, Boss." Francis said.

"Oh, where is Celine?" Charles asked casually.

"She has been sent to the abandoned security station on the border of T Country."

"Good." Charles nodded his head and replied, "As long as there is any news about Spencer, you can push Celine out."

"Yes." After finishing his words, Francis said with hesitation, "Boss..."

"What's wrong?"

"There are two special signal exchanges in Manor Residence today. I think it should be A mobile phone signal. " Looking at the look on Charles's face, Francis hesitated and asked, "Do you want me to investigate?"

Charles's eyes squinted. He clenched his right hand into a fist and spat out a name, "Fiona!"

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