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   Chapter 181 I'll Take You Out Tomorrow (Part Two)

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"Uh..." Fiona's throat made a painful whimper. Her throat became dry and her breathing became more and more difficult. And she flapped Charles's arms with her hands.

As Fiona was in trouble, Charles became more and more furious. And behind him, a servant fell to the ground all of a sudden, twitching, accompanied by a painful and hoarse voice of desire. "Drug Just give me The drug... "

Hearing the noise behind him, Charles came to himself and found that Fiona's face was turning blue. He jerked her hand back and looked at the servant in disgust, "Take her out!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Ahem!" Covered her neck with her hands, Fiona started coughing violently. Looking at the servant who had been dragged away, she said in a hoarse voice, "I don't want to become that kind of woman. I'd rather you kill me."

"Do you think it's easy to die?" Said Charles, who seemed to be calm. He winked at the doctor and added, "Inject her with the drug."

"No way! Please don't Ahem.... " As she coughed, she stepped back. The fear in her heart had reached the extreme. She was afraid that she would cry out before long.

The doctor stood at the bedside in a daze. But Charles grabbed the syringe from the doctor's hand and gnashed his teeth in anger, "I really can't do anything to you!" After that, he took the needle, stabbed it into his arm and slowly pushed the syringe.

"Boss, you..." The doctor screamed out in fear. When he was about to step forward, he was stopped by Charles's eyes.

Fiona was stunned. The fear in her eyes slowly turned into disbelief and she saw what Charles was doing in shock.

After pushing out a third of the pills, Charles pulled out the syringe without hesitation. "Now do you believe it? Will I dr

nner here."

"Yes." With that, Francis had a look at Fiona and walked out of the room.

"Are you satisfied now?" Charles said gently, "I will do whatever you ask as long as you're good. I haven't had dinner either. Can I have dinner with you? "

"I..." Shocked, Fiona hesitated.

"I'll get out of there after eating, I will give you time to consider it. " As soon as Charles finished his words, he found that Fiona's face turned a little red, which made him feel better.

Being courteously but without sincerity!

Thinking of the words again, Fiona nodded slightly. Since Charles had given in so much, she could not be insatiable. What's more, she didn't need to worry there would be drugs in the food. It was a good idea to have dinner with him.

Fiona was thrilled during the meal, while Charles kept smiling lightly.

After lunch, Fiona went to bed early. Francis followed Charles out of the room.

"Boss, in my humble opinion. Don't you think Miss Fiona change her attitude a little strange? " Francis said.

"Go and see what is happening to Leona." A mixed feeling surged in Charles's heart. 'Fiona, you'd better not lie to me!'!

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