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   Chapter 180 I'll Take You Out Tomorrow (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 5986

Updated: 2020-03-03 00:12

The stars fell and the stars changed around.

In people's deep sleep, the dawn quietly came and a red sun slowly rose. Above the M City, several planes flew across the blue sky and white clouds, heading to N Country at the fastest but stable speed.

In the cabin, Spencer sat in the front seat alone, looking at the white clouds outside the window, and rubbing his eyebrows. In just two days, he felt that it had been two years. He was restless, but had no clue. The space in his heart seemed to be empty, which could only be filled by the return of Fiona. However, he had almost forgotten about Celine.

He had long known that he fell in love with Fiona, but he didn't know that he loved her so much. If something happened to her, he would be willing to follow her to the end of life. What ideal was? To forgive him for a time of selfishness. If he couldn't protect his own woman, how could he have the face and mood to do the rest?

"Charles..." On the other side of the cabin corridor, Eric suddenly snorted. He held a newspaper in his hand, "Do you ask me to investigate this jewelry tycoon?"

Spencer then turned his head to have a look. Suddenly, he was attracted by the headlines of Eric's newspapers. Narrowing his eyes, he said, "Show me."

"What? …… Oh, okay. " Stunned, Eric handed the newspaper to him. "Why did you suddenly want to investigate him?" he asked

"Nothing." He grabbed the newspaper and quickly began to read it.

Today's headline: Charles Wen, the jewelry tycoon and general manager of the Jewelry ZR Company. He has been investigating on this program in T country. It is reported that the ZR Company is intend to purchase Hu Group, the largest jewelry store in T country. This project will have an influence to the two countries, Spencer had no interes

epare the medicine.

"No, don't do that..." Suddenly, Fiona began to shake her head in bed, using her last strength to retreat. The fear in her eyes grew more and more, and her eyes were slightly red. "Charles! Kill me! I don't want to I don't want to touch any drugs! "

"Drugs?" Charles was stunned. A trace of sadness was shown on his face, but was quickly replaced by a cold smile. "Am I so bad in your heart? Tell her, "said Charles to the doctor," What kind of medicine did you prepare? "

"Miss Fiona, this is glucose and saline." The doctor said, "You haven't eaten for two days. As you dehydrated has been very serious. You will be energetic soon after injection."

"No I don't believe you! " Fiona shook her head desperately and curled up into a small body. She stared at Charles with vigilance. She sounded like crying, but she gritted her teeth to hold back her tears.

'Fiona, it's a shame that you're such a wet blanket!'!

"You don't believe me? !" But instead, Charles burst into laughter. He took a step forward, reached out his arm and grabbed Fiona by the neck. "You're refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit!" As he spoke, he tightened his right hand slowly.

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