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   Chapter 179 I Can Help You Leave

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Emily nodded her head, as if she finally understood what was happening. She then said in a very humble manner, "Everyone in the Manor Residence calls him Boss. His name is a taboo, and no one dares to call him like that."

"Who is he?" Fiona almost gnashed her teeth almost, "What does he do? Why do you all fear him so much? "

"Boss is a person who has a deep friendship with the senior officials of our country!" Emily spoke with awe and reverence, "Boss is a businessman. It's said that thirty percent of the economy in T Country is in his hands. There are countless mines and the money he earned is beyond our imagination in a lifetime. To be able to work here is the envy of many people. "

"That's why you don't want to leave here?"

After the question was raised by Fiona, Emily shifted her eyes and said, "Well, This is not the main reason. " Taking a look at Fiona, Emily let out a sigh and said, "The main reason is that we depend on those drugs. Miss Fiona, if it weren't for you, I would have died! Throwing me out of the Manor Residence is killing me! "

"Drugs?" Fiona shivered.

"Yes, drugs..." Emily sighed, "But for us in Manor Residence, that's the antidote! Without that thing, we can't live a day. How can we have money to buy this kind of thing when we are out of the Manor Residence! It's like I'm waiting for death! "

"Has everyone here had that drugs? !" Fiona's eyes widened in surprise.

"Yes. This is also the way that Boss tests out our sincerity. " Looking at Fiona, Emily said, "Every man who entered Manor Residence would be fed on the first day, and then slowly we can't leave it. But you are an exception, Miss Fiona. I can see that Boss cares about you very much. Would you please live a good life with him? Boss is handsome, powerful and rich. He won't treat you shabbily! "

"Get out!" Fiona spoke the two words coldly. These people were crazy. They even cried and pleaded not to go out after they were hurt and put in a good word for Charles. This was crazy!

Emily was stunned for a moment, and then she responded, "Miss Fiona, I'm for your own good. This place is heavily guarded. You can't get rid of it by your own strength!"

"Shut up..." Fiona's eyes reddened. "Get out!"

"Miss Fiona..."

"Fuck off!" With a sudden roar, she leaned against the wall, fell to the bed and cried, "Get out!"

After a long pause, Emily sighed. Before she pushed the door open, she added, "Miss Fiona, if you are hungry, just tell me. I'll stay outside."

Click clack——

The room was quiet again. Suddenly, tears fell down from Fiona's eyes, which ran into her hair along the corner of her eyes and disappeared.

'Fiona, you can only cry for one more time. When you are done crying, be strong and don't give up, no matter how hard it will be for you to escape, ' she told herself. She would rather die than live here forever.

Three o'clock in the afternoon, in the backyard of Manor Residence.

"Let me out! Bastard! Do you know who my boyfriend is! If I tell you, you'll be scared to death! "

The whole hallway was a chaos because of heavy knocking on the door and a woman's exhausting growl.

"Be careful, or I'll have Spencer to capture all of you! Get me out! "

"Celine is really restless." Outside the door, stood Charles and the o

Leona looked at Fiona contemptuously, "What about Ryan? Where is Spencer? Why didn't they come to save you? Don't you always have many escort? "


Hearing the name, Fiona couldn't help but feel sad. "I believe he will come to save me."

"Okay, you can just wait here." Finishing her words coldly, Leona threw the cigarette butt on the table and stubbed it out. Then she stood up and walked out.

"Wait!" Hurriedly, Fiona wanted to get out of the bed. But due to her lack of strength, she seemed to be stumbled. She said in a hurry, "Let's run out of here together!"

Leona stopped and turned around, "Why should I go?"

Fiona was rendered speechless. "But..."

"It's your business to leave, but I can help you."

"Do you have any idea?" Fiona's eyes lit up.

"There is a saying that you try to fawn on the weak. Do you understand? Since Charles treats you so well, why not make use of him to take you out? " Leona added, "You can't call someone for help here, and I can't help you out by my strength. You have to find a way to escape by yourself. "

Fiona was confused, "Will he take me out?"

"You can try." Leona looked up and down at Fiona. As she walked out, she said, "I've never seen Charles pay so much attention to any woman, though I don't know if it's good or bad."

"Are you really helping me?" Fiona stared at Leona's back doubtfully, "But because what happened in Maple Mountain and the bar accident were exposed. As a result, you were expelled from university and you were unable to stay with Ryan Don't you hate me? Why do you help me? "

"Yes, I hate you so much. But in the Manor Residence, if I kill you, I will die in the next second. " Leona clenched her teeth and said, "So, it's better to send you away, and never appear in front of me again."

With a frown, Fiona said, "I hope you really think so."

Leona snorted. Without saying anything, she opened the door and went out, closing her eyes and clenching her fists.

In the room, Fiona sat on the bed with a determined look in her eyes. She never gave up easily. She cherished her life more than anyone else. Even if there was only a glimmer of hope, she would leave without hesitation!

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