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   Chapter 176 Carry Fiona To The Main House

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10059

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"Who said that I went abroad not because of business affairs?" Spencer pointed in a direction he didn't know and shouted, "I'm taking my people to take that shitty organization's base here right now, whether it's domestic or overseas! If they dare to touch Fiona, I'll blow them to pieces! "

"You have to go through the procedure first." Terence held back Spencer's shoulder and said, "How could you save Fiona on the spur of the moment? If you leave now, uncle Ethan can stop you in front of the border, at least you will be locked up, so that you won't even have a chance to save Fiona! "

"Yes, Mr. Spencer." "Think twice before you make a decision. Don't let your mind wander over because of Fiona. This isn't like you."

After the two people finished their words, Spencer, who was in a rage, immediately calmed down. He deeply frowned and began to think quietly. He got restless when he thought of the abduction of Fiona. He shouldn't be so impulsive. What Terence said was right. If he went abroad rashly and got himself punished, he couldn't save her!

"Now that they took Fiona abroad, but they didn't take revenge on her or threaten you with her," Terence continued. "That means she is useful to them. So you don't have to worry about her safety for the time being. What you need to do now is to make a plan to save her."

Spencer narrowed his eyes and looked at the blue sky. His rage was slowly fading away, but was replaced by sadness. Fiona, I almost caught up with you, but Fiona, you have to wait for me!

"Let's go!" After a long time, Spencer opened his thin lips and said a word decisively. Then he strode away with a cold wind. Under his coat, he looked unrestrained, but his hands clenched tightly.

The night came. In the air between Z country and T country, a private helicopter verified by the government of T country flew slowly into the border of T country without any obstruction. When they just arrived at T country, they found the view was different. It was green all over. The winter in M City was cold, but it felt warm like spring in here.

On the plane, Fiona and Celine were still sleeping because they were injected drugs.

Sitting beside the pilot, Francis kept in touch with the ground by air satellite telephone. He took a look at Fiona and said to the person on the other end of the phone, "Boss, we have entered the border of T country. Where to take them?"

"Take them to Manor Residence," A steady male voice came from the other end of the line.

"Yes, sir!"

Manor Residence was located in the most prosperous block in T country. Just as its name could be described, it was a mansion with white walls on all sides. It was surrounded by green grass, with flowers in full bloom, and was full of tropical charm.

At the same time, in the living room of the main house of Manor Residence, Charles was sitting leisurely on the sofa with his legs crossed. After hanging up the phone, he held up the wine glass on the table again, shook it in his hand an

n to prepare the food in country Z and heat it up at any time. Bring it up when she wakes up," ordered Charles flatly


After saying that, Charles looked back at Fiona. His step paused for a few seconds and then he strode out of the room.

At this moment, the news that Charles took a woman back to the main house spread quickly in the backyard. There were all women living in the backyard, all of whom were related to Charles.

These women were either tier two or tier three female models, or those who were sold here because they were short of money, some had been with Charles, and some had been planned to bribe wealthy businessmen by X organization. It seemed to be a small imperial household. Although it was a common thing for Charles to take a woman home, but he had never taken a woman to the main house where he lived before.

On the third floor of the backyard, a quiet woman was sitting in her room, her long hair half covering her small face. She had also heard the news just now. Although she was not as gossipy as those women, it was inevitable that she was a little curious. Charles was an emotionless creature. Why did he bring someone back to where he lived? Who is that woman? Does he have the same taste with his brother? '?

"Well..." While thinking, the woman whimpered painfully, "The medicine Give me the medicine... " The woman screamed inwardly. She began to speak in a muffled voice. Within just a few seconds, she had been sweating all over, and her strength seemed to have been drained out. She struggled to move to the bedside and pressed the special emergency bell at the bedside with difficulty.

Two minutes later, a servant rushed into the room, with a syringe in his hand. When he saw the woman struggling in bed, he quickly walked towards her and pushed the syringe into the room.


After the "antidote" injection, she relaxed and took a deep breath.

The servant did not say a word, but quietly left the room after completing the task.

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