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   Chapter 172 They Two Both Were Kidnapped (Part One)

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In the back room of the jewelry store, Fiona saw that the artists who were specialized in making the necklace were busy. Seeing the necklace that she designed was slowly formed, the joy in her heart was also expanded gradually.

She didn't know that how would he react when he saw the gift.

There were few places to make the handmade necklace now, but she didn't want to make a cold present for Spencer with a mold. Sure enough, it was a right choice to ask Terence for help.

With a slight smile, Fiona turned to look at the necklace she had just made and said to the craftsman. "Master, just make it even better here,"

"Got it." That craftsman was a middle-aged man who had experienced many vicissitudes of life. His rough hands could actually make the small pendant extraordinarily beautiful. Beside the craftsman, there was a primary school student who carefully watched every movement of the him.

In the front hall of the jewelry store, Terence was still chatting with Spencer.

The staff in the store took a pot of good Longjing tea and put it on the small table in the rest area of members. He was famous for his love of antiques and tea. He would not go anywhere without tea.

Terence nodded and smiled at the clerk politely. Then he sat down on the sofa elegantly.

"Well, I have to hang up." Spencer muttered, "What are we talking about? I have to go to work. There is a training tonight."

"Well, go ahead." Terence poured himself a cup of tea, put it on his nose and took a sniff.

"Don't forget to bring Fiona back." Spencer didn't forget to remind him, "Did you hear that?"

"Okay, Mr. Spencer." Terence sneered, "I'm almost your assistant."

"You're so hard to please. I don't want you to be my assistant."

They said a few words to each other and hung up.

Taking a sip of tea, Terence looked relaxed. He didn't know if he should use idleness or boredom to describe his life like that.

As the saying goes, time works carefully. What Fiona wanted was handmade, which meant it was not easy to get it done. But Terence was not in a hurry at all. He just waited patiently and drank two cups of tea.

Almost noon, another person entered the store. The sound of

before was much worse than that she could blush now.. It seemed that the great grandson that Wayne was looking forward to would be born soon. He would be an uncle, wouldn't he? No! He'd better be a godfather!

When Celine found the sample in another room, she was unsatisfied and made a requirement to it. She walked out of the room in a bad mood. When she went out, she just saw that Terence walked out while making a phone call. It seemed that he was still in a hurry.

"Where is the woman with Terence?" Asked Celine, turning to the shop manager.

"She's in the back hall."

Hardly had the manager's voice faded away, Fiona walked out of the store with a small velvet box, in which there was a newly made necklace. The moment she raised her head and saw Celine, the smile on Fiona's face disappeared.

It was said that rivals in love would always hate each other when they met. And it was apparent that Celine hated Fiona even more. She couldn't frown more.

Outside the shop, Terence drove his car heading for SL Bar. After thinking for a while, he finally made a call to Spencer.

"What do you want?" Spencer's tone was much better than before.

"I'm going back to SL Bar. I got the news from X organization, so Fiona is in the jewelry store by herself now. Ask your men to pay more attention to her. I'll be back in two hours." "I called you because I felt worried about her. I don't want you to think that I leave Fiona behind," replied Terence

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