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   Chapter 109 I Will Support You In The Future (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-29 00:36

Fiona ran to Celine's office and slammed the door shut, startling Celine.

"Are you crazy? Or was there some kind of demon chasing you? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Celine yelled and threw the pencil she was holding. She raised her head and glared at Fiona. "My word is final in this office. And you are completely unruly!"

Fiona leaned against the door and looked at Celine before walking over to her cabin.

"Fiona, you..."

"I am quitting this job."

Fiona spoke abruptly before Celine could finish her words. She grabbed her things and gave Celine an icy stare. "Since you don't want me here, you'll be glad that I'm leaving. What's more, I won't let you go if you continue to use my work."

Celine was shocked as she stood up from her seat. "Are you really going to quit?"

"Yes." Fiona nodded. "Goodbye." She left the office without looking back. She had joined ZR Company with big dreams. She had felt like working here was her first step to success and hoped that she would learn a great deal during her internship. However, she had never expected to have a superior who hated her and a CEO who just wanted to sleep with her.

She couldn't stay there for another second. Fiona thought to herself with regret, 'I'm sorry I wasted your efforts, Ryan.'

As Celine watched Fiona walk away, she wondered what could've disturbed her so much.

Something must have happened. She frowned as a thought suddenly struck her. She rushed out of her office and went to Charles.

In his office, Charles and the woman had already changed clothes. When Celine stepped in, she felt a

ng head out of her office at this hour?"

"Yeah, that's unusual!"

Inside a black car opposite to the ZR Company building, two people were watching her.

One of them frowned. "Is this one of the special circumstances that Mr. Cheng wants us to make a note of? We should report this to him."

"I agree!" The other man nodded. "This is the only weird thing Mrs. Cheng has done in these past few days!"

They came to a conclusion and called Spencer's phone immediately.

Spencer was at the base discussing training strategies with his soldiers.

"When we go to P City, day training should not be missed. On the other hand, P City is a tropical region. During the day, the weather is too harsh, so it will be impossible to train there.

So while we're there, let's focus on night training."

All the soldiers were debating about their agenda, and Spencer gave them suggestions and orders once in a while. Halfway through the meeting, his phone suddenly buzzed in his pocket.

He knotted his brows and took out his phone. The entire meeting area went silent.

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