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   Chapter 167 How About You Staying With Me

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Fiona couldn't help but pick up the design. When she looked at it carefully, she frowned. Was it a coincidence? Why did the maple leaves in the painting look like the one she drew? The style and the line were similar

Crack! Crack——

At this moment, the office door was opened. It was Celine. She walked in, surprised to see the design draft in Fiona's hand, she walked toward her and said ironically, "What, you want to steal my draft? Do you want to learn something? Or What do you want to copy? "

"I don't need to do anything to ruin my reputation. I'm just helping you clean up your table. You asked me to come here every morning. That's the first thing I do." Without putting down the design draft, Fiona lifted it up and asked, "Miss Celine, may I ask you the inspiration for the design of this necklace?"

Raising her eyebrows, Celine asked, "What's wrong? Have you gone too far to question me now? The Inspirations of design Is it necessary for me to tell you? "

"But..." Fiona sipped her lips, "I have a piece of work similar to yours."

"Your work? Did I hear it wrong? " With a mocking smile, Celine continued, "You're just a student now, and you're just an unknown assistant to a designer. Can your work be called design? Even if we designed the same dress at the same time, who do you think is more likely to be the designer? "

"I didn't plagiarize. I designed the Maple Leaf Necklace myself," she explained, clenching her hands She just wanted to design a necklace as a birthday gift for Spencer, though it was too late

"Words alone are no proof." Celine asked as she raised her eyes.

"I don't think it's a coincidence." But instead of looking at Celine, Fiona said, "I'm going to clean up."

"It's not a coincidence." Said Celine all of a sudden.

Fiona stopped and asked in confusion, "What do you mean?"

"I mean..." Celine stepped to the desk, pulled out the design from Fiona's hand and said arrogantly, "I have seen your design. You are really a good painter! The lines on the leaves were so lifelike that they were imitated, which made it difficult for me to copy. Alas, I had a bad rest these days. "

As soon as Celine finished her words, surprise and a thin layer of anger emerged on Fiona's face. After a while, she came to her senses and called out, "Celine! How could you It turns out that you have stolen my idea! Don't you know that it is against professional ethics? "

"Don't say I have stolen other's idea." "I just think your work is pretty good and I want to help you to promote it to the public. By the way, I can also help you to improve your design to some extent. I can pay you some money."

Fiona always knew that Celine was not a kind person, but she didn't expect her to have the capability to design in such a shameless way

"Celine, if I accuse you of plagiarizing, you will be proved to be innocent." Fiona frowned, and said in a powerful voice, "You should know the consequences. You will not only lose your job, but also never go back to your career as a designer. "

Celine snorted, "Are you kidding me? Do you think I'm afraid of you because you have Spencer back you up and speak in a tough ton

reached out his hand, grabbed Fiona's arm, looked down at her and replied, "Yes?"

The files on Fiona's hands fell to the floor. Neither of them picked them up.

From the corner of Fiona's eyes, she could see the famous star glaring at her angrily. Then she raised her head to look at Charles. She was so angry that she didn't care if Charles was the boss or not. She struggled in anger and shouted, "Let go of me!"

"Do you want to escape after disturbing me?" Charles turned around and pressed Fiona against the door. He approached her and smiled wickedly, "How about I let you stay with me?"

"Charles? !" The big star in the room also exclaimed unbelievably.

Fiona's eyes widened in surprise. She tried to defend him just now, as if it was the first time she had seen him. How could he really have feelings for her? How could he insult her like that!

Fiona's face darkened. As she struggled to free herself, she shouted, "Let go of me, Charles! Bastard! Let me go! "

"Haha..." With a smile on his face, Charles replied, "You call my name first. It sounds good."

"Charles, are you crazy? !" Fiona stared at him in disbelief.

"What do you want?" There was a hint of sincerity in Charles's deep eyes. "I want you to be with me."

"I don't want anything! I won't accompany you! " Fiona roared, "I'm married. I'm not that kind of woman you can hang out with! Please don't Insult me! "

"Because of Spencer, right? What if you lose him? " Charles narrowed his eyes and gave a murderous look. He suddenly let go of Fiona and said meaningfully, "I've never failed to get anything I want."

Regaining her freedom, Fiona was so frightened that she hid in a corner. "I I don't want to continue my internship here! I will resign! " After that, she ran along the wall towards the elevator, without looking back.

'Fiona, you will come back to me.'.

Charles stood still and took a long breath slowly. He didn't stop her.

"Charles..." The female star in the room was about to come up.

"Get out of here!" Charles cursed and turned to walk into the office, leaving the big star dumbfounded.

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