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   Chapter 163 Ran Into Celine In The Bar (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 5856

Updated: 2020-02-28 00:22

In the dancing floor, the music was still on. With her head swaying in the music, her big waved hair swayed as well. The whole scene looked hazy.

There was a trace of anger on Spencer's face. How could you come out for fun before you recover?

"Celine is a playful character," Noticing his displeasure, Terence asked, "Let someone to stop her?"

Instead answering his question, Spencer asked, "Has Mr. long arrived yet?" he asked

"They are in room 3."

"Let's go to the monitoring room first." Then Spencer turned to look at Terence and said, "As for Celine..."

"Just get two people to watch over her and protect her from being hurt." Terence responded.

"Yes." Spencer nodded.

"Let's go." Terence patted on his shoulder, and the two walked towards the monitoring room in the dim light.

At this moment, there were two groups of people sitting in the No.3 box. One of them was a buyer. Mr. long was wearing a dark robe, with a set of prayer beads in his hand. Behind him were several bodyguards. The other one was from X organization. The man in the lead was a young man. He was tall and strong, and looked like a strange young boy. The man was in a suit. He didn't look like a bad guy.

Spencer and Terence were sitting in the monitor room. Terence took a look at the room and said, "Mr. long, the Buddha beads in his hand are not bad."

"……" Spencer hadn't been mad at him, but had managed to turn to the monitoring screen to make sure what they were talking about clearly.

He had learned lip language and had been handling this kind of occasion before.

"What did they say?" Asked Terence.

"Still chatting." With a frown, he watched the video on which a few people were drinking and chatting.

"Is it safe here?" The

After watching Spencer finish the call, Terence stood up and said.

"Don't worry. It's impossible to catch him after we chase them. Even if we catch them, it will only make that 'Boss' more alert. It's not good for me." He also stood up and looked at his watch, saying, "It's late. It's time to go home."

"You are different after getting married." Terence looked him and smiled, "You used to drink a cup of wine before you left. To be honest, what were you and Fiona doing in the room? If I don't honk my phone, will I have to wait for you for another ten minutes? "

"Ten minutes?! Hum, you underestimate me. " Raising his eyebrows, Spencer added, "At least half an hour."

"Haha..." Terence laughed.

"Let's go." After saying that, Spencer was the first to leave.

In the dancing floor of the first floor, the fast music was gradually replaced by slow dancing. Celine walked towards the seats unsteadily.

"Beautiful lady, why don't we go out and have a cup of tea?" A man who had danced with Celine came up to her and said unkindly, "It's boring to stay in a bar."

"Yes, you are right." Echoed another man. "How about Why not come to our home? "

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