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   Chapter 160 Get A First Twice (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6545

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The sun had risen, but Fiona was still asleep in their apartment while Spencer was wide awake. He gently pushed a strand of her hair away from her face and smiled.

The nights were short and the days were long as it was springtime.

The beautiful morning reminded him of a famous poem. Spencer couldn't help but smile. He realized that Fiona had changed him a lot. He had used to work out and go running every morning. Nothing could stop him from doing his exercises, whether the sun scorched the earth or the rain poured. But now that Fiona was with him, he didn't want to leave her for even a moment.

As he looked at her peaceful sleeping face, his heart melted. He leaned over and gently pressed his face onto hers.

But before he could kiss her, his phone rang. It was the special ringtone he had set for his grandpa. He quickly got up and answered the phone.

"Hello, Grandpa?" He spoke in a low voice, afraid that he might wake Fiona up.

"I was expecting that you'd bring Fiona back today. It's been quite a while and you haven't called yet. Why?" Wayne's deep voice came from the other end. "Have you two started off yet?"

"Well... we..." Spencer looked at his watch. "It's almost ten o'clock now? I slept late last night and I just got up. We will be leaving in a minute!"

"You just got up?" Wayne shouted angrily. "You rascal! You used to wake up before the sun rose. Why have you become so lazy? This isn't good! Not good at all! Don't think you can relax just because you're the leader now."

"Yes, yes, Grandpa, I know," Spencer answered immediately.

"You got up so late. Did Fiona not wake you up? Where is she?" Wayne frowned.

"She... is still sleeping!" Spencer ran his fingers through Fiona's hair.

Her fingers moved slightly. She could hear them talking on the phone and wanted to wake up. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't wake up. Her body felt exhausted and her eyelids were heavy. She felt so tired

She couldn't understand herself. She felt like she had been floating on the clouds for the past two days now. Although she was bothered by the lost child, she liked being this way with Spencer.

The sun was shining bright when they left the base. The warm sun made the snow melt and the sky was clear.

Johnson was in the driver's seat, while Spencer and Fiona sat in the back seat.

Fiona started to do some math exercises while they traveled. Spencer got bored and scooted closer to her. "What are you doing?"

"Math problems," Fiona answered mindlessly with a frown. "I have an exam tomorrow."

"Well..." Spencer abruptly grabbed her book. "Let me see what it is that you're finding difficult to solve."

"What are you doing?" Fiona looked helpless. She was still not used to the zealous side of Spencer.

After glancing at the topic, Spencer nodded. "Okay, let me teach you."

"You know how to solve this?" Fiona exclaimed in shock.

Spencer raised his eyebrows and was about to say something when Johnson interrupted them.

"Mrs. Cheng, didn't you know?" Johnson spoke with pride. "Spencer is a math genius. He also aced computer programming at the base. Last year, in a national competition, he got a first twice. Such a basic problem is nothing compared to what Spencer has solved."

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