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   Chapter 159 You Are My Gift (Part Two)

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"Your birthday is next year. You'd better practice your lung capacity. It's really exhausting to blow eleven candles in a breath." He continued, "Remember what I said, okay?"

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Fiona took a bite of the chicken drumstick without giving a definite answer. "The chicken drumsticks roasted by Mr. Spencer are something that not for ordinary people to eat," she nodded

"Then you should eat more!" With a smile, Spencer took out the pot of white wine and poured it into the glasses for them. "Come on, drink some wine. It will warm you up."

"I don't want to drink it." Fiona shook her head and replied, "I drank a little last time. I don't feel well."

Speaking of the word "last time", Fiona's only acting like a spoiled child when she was drunk recalled. A sudden thirst welled up in his throat, and he was eager for something, so he was more reluctant to forgive her. He picked up the glass and stuffed it into her hand.

"How can you eat the chicken without drinking wine?" "It's so cold outside. You just wear a dress. Drink some wine to warm yourself up. That's all, don't drink too much."

Fiona tried hard to persuade Spencer. She took a sip of the wine, which was so spicy that she could not speak.

"If you slow down a bit, you won't feel spicy."

"Take another sip. Look at the pot, don't leave me alone, okay? "

"This is the last glass. Today is my birthday. Let's celebrate it together."

After swallowing several glasses of whisky, she was stammering.

"I feel dizzy." Fiona pouted.

"Fainted? Then we won't drink it. " Smiling with satisfaction, Spencer sat next to Fiona and huddled up with her. Looking at the moon in the sky, he felt very comfortable.

Bang! Bang——

A fabulous firework suddenly lit up in the night sky, beautiful and brilliant.

"Wow! They are fireworks! " Fiona was still blushing because of the alcohol.

"Is that beautiful?" Spencer turned to look at Fiona, eyes full of tenderness.

"Yes, it's beautiful!" Fiona nodded. "When I was a child, my father always held me to see fireworks. Because I felt that if I stood high, I could see the most beautiful fireworks."

"Holding you like this?" Spencer took the opportunity to hold her in his arms.

"Of course not! My father raised me so high! "

"I don't have to raise you high. What you see now is the most beautiful fireworks." He looked up at the sky lit up by the fireworks again.

Fiona's head was a bit heavy. She rubbed in his arms and said,

sea, but there was always a sun by her side, guiding her to the right direction and comforting her.

The moment she was put on the bed, she didn't know if she was sober or intoxicated. She just vaguely looked at Spencer who bent down and felt his kiss on her forehead. Somehow, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"What are you doing?" It was too late to turn on the light in the dark. But when Spencer met with the eyes of Fiona, his heart skipped a beat.

Biting her lower lip, Fiona withdrew her hand quickly as if she was startled by her reaction. "Nothing. I'm fine," she answered

Spencer was both angry and anxious. "Fiona, are you drunk or sober? If you're awake, I'll do whatever I want! "

"I'm drunk." Fiona responded.

"Really?" Raising his eyebrows, he said, "Actually, I was going to take a cold shower, but since you are drunk You should remember nothing when you wake up tomorrow morning, then I'm not polite. "

"You Hmm... "

After saying that, he didn't give her any chance, bent over quickly and began to kiss her.

As expected, he was not a gentleman!

The indoor burning hot was in a sharp contrast with the cold outside.

"Spencer!" "Go away!" Fiona urged

"No way." He murmured, "You haven't prepared a gift for me, then you are my gift tonight. And my wishes, you... "

"No, I won't!" Fiona's face turned red with embarrassment.

"Haha..." Lowering his head, he giggled and gave Fiona a kiss. He said slowly, "Okay, honey, stay below."

He was really energetic!

After a long time, when Fiona finally could go to sleep peacefully, I, lying in the arms of Spencer, felt for the first time that life was not so bad.

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