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   Chapter 101 A Happy Birthday To You (Part Two)

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With his support, Fiona placed her fingers on the keys and soon, the auditorium was filled with dreamy music.

The soft and beautiful piano music echoed in the auditorium.

Spencer frowned as he tried to remember a particular saying. 'What is it they say? Oh! The music reverberated in my heart for three days!'

Standing in front of him, Eric said softly, "Fiona is such an outstanding young lady. She's good at both painting and playing the piano. If she were born in ancient times, she'd be considered a scholar! And look at you, a ruffian who handles knives and guns, and is much older than her!" He patted Spencer's shoulder. "You're lucky to have Fiona for your wife."

Looking at the stunning Fiona in front of the piano, Spencer thought to himself, 'Perhaps Ryan and Fiona got to know each other because they both have similar hobbies? But that doesn't mean they have to like each other. They have similar hobbies. So what? Fiona is my wife!'

Everyone was so charmed by Fiona, who was sitting on the stage, that they didn't notice the woman walking into the auditorium.

Celine walked in dragging a small suitcase. She stood at the door and stared at the two people on the stage.

'I hate her hands! They sketch, play the piano, and hold Spencer's hands!' The thought annoyed Celine. The more perfect Fiona was, the more spiteful she felt.

Soon, Fiona completed her piece.

A loud applause filled the auditorium.

At that moment, everyone turned and saw Celine, who smiled at them.

Fiona couldn't speak as she was too shocked.

Spencer noticed Celine from a distance and saw her luggage. "Why are you here?"

"I came to say goodbye." Celine walked towards them. "Fiona played so well that I couldn't help but stop by and listen."

"Thank you," Fiona said reluctantly, standing next to the piano.

Celine walked onto the stage and stood next to Spencer. "I promised to celebrate your birthday with you every year, but it seems like I'm going to miss it this year." She had had no chance with him in the past six years, and she wouldn't have any now. "You have to take care." Celine spoke with tears in her eyes. "Happy birthday to you, Spencer."

A tinge of guilt flashed through Spencer's eyes as he remembered her promise. "Thank you."

"Courtesy is unnecessary between us," Celine said and smiled sadly. "I'm leaving."

"Really?" Spencer frowned and walked up to her. "It's New Year's Day today. Why don't you go back tomorrow with us?"

"No, thanks." Celine refused and glanced at Fiona. "I don't think it's appropriate for me to

em. She looked at the MC, who grinned at her. "Well... how about a birthday song?"


There was a burst of laughter in the auditorium and Spencer frowned. 'The birthday song is too simple!' he thought.

"A lovely idea. Why don't you play and sing it yourself?" the MC asked. The crowd clapped again.

"Sure, okay!" Fiona nodded with grace.

Spencer was sitting with his arms folded as he watched her perform. "Happy birthday to you..."

Her singing wasn't nearly as good as her piano performance, and yet every word she sang was etched into Spencer's heart. He gazed at her with sincere love and affection.

Under the spotlight, Fiona looked like an angel who had fallen to the earth. After she finished singing, she held the microphone in her hand and spoke shyly. "I am glad to be here today performing in front of all of you. I wish you all a beautiful day! is Spencer's birthday, so I wish him a very special and happy birthday. I wish him happiness every day for the rest of his life. Thank you!"

The auditorium thundered with applause.

Fiona bowed to the audience and headed backstage. She placed a hand on her chest in excitement as she walked off the stage. Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of her.

"Well..." Fiona soon guessed who it was, and she tapped him on the shoulder, feeling nervous. "Spencer! Let me go..."

Spencer didn't pay attention to her words. He held her beautiful face and kissed her intensely.

Fiona tried to push him away at first, but soon, she moved her hand from his chest to the back of his neck, and kissed him back slowly yet sensuously.

Her response shocked and motivated him, making him kiss her deeper as he devoured her lips.

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