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   Chapter 156 Happy Birthday To You (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7226

Updated: 2020-02-26 00:32

It was on the next morning of the new year. It was rare that there was no loud slogans after morning exercise at the base. But in the early morning, Fiona was woken up by the loud talking noise outside the door.

"Come on! Come here! This is our room! "

"Oh, my good boy, why are you here so early with your mother?"

"Dear, look! This is the food our mother brought for you!"

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, Fiona yawned. When she came to her senses, she realized that some people had entered the building.

"Wake up?"

Suddenly there was a pleasant male voice above his head. Fiona quickly raised her head and saw Spencer leaning on his arm and looking at her with a smile.

Trying to suppress the shyness, she took a deep breath and blinked. "It's time to wake up," she said, trying to sound calm

"Did you sleep well last night?" Asked Spencer.

Did you sleep well? It reminded her of the night when she was forcefully forced by Spencer to sleep on the same bed with him. He was like an octopus and she couldn't get rid of him no matter how hard she tried. Finally, she turned her back to him, but suddenly found that there was a matter on her buttock. She was too scared to move. But she was in fear for a long time, and did not see Spencer move again. She was really sleepy, so she fell asleep.

"Why don't you answer me?" All of a sudden, he bent over and held her in his arms, burying his head into her chest.

"I have a good sleep." Fiona replied in a trembling voice.

"But I didn't sleep well." With a dull voice, he continued, "I just hold you and do nothing. Do you know how suffering it is for me to do that?"

Upon hearing this, Fiona's eyes widened in surprise. After a second, she pushed him away. Blushing, she stuttered, "You You jerk! "

"Hey!" "You're my wife. It's not called rascal. This is love, alright?" he added

"You..." Sitting on the bed, with her hands grasping the clothes on her chest, Fiona stared at him cautiously. 'Why has he changed into another person from yesterday?' she wondered. He was a rascal originally, but now he was so strange. She was really not accustomed to his behavior!

Noticing that F

ient for me to carry you upstairs! Good girl, go to rehearse. " With that, he kissed Fiona on her cheek.

"Don't make a scene in public!" Standing behind her, Eric said with a smile, "Be careful not to crack down on our singles' holiday mood."

Shocked, Fiona struggled in his arms with a grimace, as if to scratch his face. "What are you doing, Spencer! You You are a bastard. Let me go! "

Spencer then cast a stern glance at Eric and let go of Fiona reluctantly, and said, "Okay, okay. Let go of your hand."

Dashing to the piano, she collected herself and began to play. He must be crazy! He must be crazy!

"Mrs. Cheng, would you like to play a tune for us! Let's drop it! "

"I agree with you!"

More than a dozen subordinates gathered in front of the stage and stared at Fiona with interest.

Looking at Fiona sitting in front of the piano, Spencer had a feeling that she became very gentle and soft. She was radiating an aura of softness that he couldn't neglect.

It took time for Fiona to come to herself. She smiled at them, graceful with unique shyness. "I know you are busy with your own things. It will be awkward for me to listen to your talks here."

"No, of course not. Listen to music, we'll do the work better!"

"That's right! Mrs. Cheng, forget about us. "

They all chatted at once. Fiona glanced at Spencer, who was used to this kind of look. He quickly nodded proudly and said, "Just play it."

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