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   Chapter 100 Who Is More Handsome (Part Two)

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Spencer couldn't possibly know what was on her mind but he took her hand and said, "We can eat at the canteen. We don't have to go to the apartment."

Fiona looked up at him and nodded. "Okay. I'm fine with that. Now let go of my hand."

"You know I won't."

"I don't know that."

"Then I'm telling you that I won't."

Fiona let out a helpless sigh. "Recently, you have a way with words, you know."

"Oh, it's not my fault!" Looking at Fiona, Spencer sighed. "Well, my wife is so eloquent. How could her husband be the complete opposite?"

'Husband? Wife? What a jerk!'

Fiona cursed under her breath, her face blushing. "Don't be so complacent. I haven't promised you anything yet!"

"What do you need to promise me?" Looking at Fiona's shy face, he smiled. "You don't need to promise me anything. You're still my wife anyway."

"Stop saying that!" Fiona protested.

"What?" Spencer asked knowingly. Fiona had always known that Spencer was shameless,

but it wasn't until he wouldn't stop repeating the word "wife" as they headed to the canteen that she realized how shameless he really was.

The noise in the canteen died down as soon as Fiona and Spencer walked in. When everyone saw their hands intertwined, the noise started up again.

"Mr. Cheng and his wife are having dinner together!" "They're holding


"Mr. Cheng! Kiss her!"

"Wow! Kiss her!"

Spencer suddenly tensed up. "Are you eating or not? If you don't feel like eating, then go and train! Don't think you can slack off just because it's the New Year's Day tomorrow. You're all adults. Stop acting so immature."

The subordinates shrank in embarrassment only exchanging a few vague smiles with each other.

"We can't kiss in front of you guys," Spencer muttered in a voice so low that it was only audible between him and Fiona. He then added, "Right, Fiona?"

'Right? What is he talking about?' Fiona was about to explode.

"Let's just eat." Without answering him, Fiona changed the topic.

"Well, it's up to you." He turned around and the cold look on his face was instantly replaced with a smile. He then grabbed Fiona's hand as he continued walking.

Fiona's mind was a mess as she just let Spencer lead her to the table.

"You stay here and I'll go get us our food." After making sure Fiona was settled, he left to get their food. Fiona couldn't help but smile as she watched him leave. She felt like the affection she felt for Spencer was growing deeper and deeper.

"Hey, Fiona! It seems that Spencer trea

self," Fiona answered without raising her head.

"Do you think I'll really let you go alone?" Spencer stared at her with a meaningful smile.

Caught off guard, Fiona pretended as if she hadn't heard him and continued eating, this time more quickly.

Satisfied with her reaction, he picked up his chopsticks and put a piece of meat onto her plate. "Eat more. You're too thin," he said.

After dinner, they went to the apartment together.

"Are you really not going back to your apartment? Don't you want to see Celine?" asked Fiona.

"Someone else will take care of her. I'm not going back." Spencer pressed his lips tightly.

They walked in silence. As soon as they entered the building, Fiona recognized some of their colleagues. She asked, "Why are there so many people living here?"

"It's New Year's Day tomorrow. A lot of the families are attending. I bet they're here to clean up. Starting tomorrow, more and more people will start arriving," he answered.

"What about the soldiers?" Fiona frowned. She couldn't believe that the soldiers couldn't even go back home on New Year's Day.

"They can only attend the gala tomorrow night. I'm sure they'll enjoy themselves then," Spencer said helplessly. "It's not like we have a choice either. We are soldiers. Besides, an outsider who comes here needs to go through several screenings first and then sign the confidentiality agreement. That's our profession. We have no choice."

"What about me?" Fiona stammered. "Don't I have to sign the confidentiality agreement?"

Spencer smiled and said, "I gave you a privilege!" Finally, they arrived at their apartment. He stood in front of the door and said, "Let's get in."

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