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   Chapter 154 Is He Handsome Or Am I Handsome (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7201

Updated: 2020-02-26 00:12

On the other side, in the general manager's office of Jewelry ZR Company, Charles sat in his small cellphone, facing the window, his eyes floating far.

It had been a while since he sent the message, but he didn't receive any reply. He knew that Fiona had gone to his company together with Spencer, and there was also Celine. Somehow, he sent a message to Fiona, but he didn't know why.

'It was a bad feeling. He had never had such a feeling. But he didn't hate it, ' he thought.

At this moment, his phone rang

Suddenly, his phone buzzed. He was startled and quickly looked away, not realizing a hint of expectation on his face. But when his eyes fell on the screen of the mobile phone, Charles was a little disappointed and confused.

Why did Celine call him at this time?

"Hello?" Charles calmly slid the screen and answered the phone, with no emotion in his voice.

"How about I give you Fiona?" She was very straightforward and unreasonable.

Charles frowned and then smiled ironically, "Don't I have any other women? Do you want to force me to marry a married woman? "

"I thought you might be interested in Fiona." But it seemed that Celine felt sorry for his answer, so she added, "Then I have to find a way to give Fiona to other men."

"Hey, Celine! You're getting bolder!" There was a touch of disgust in Charles's voice, "Who do you want to give Fiona to him? Will Spencer agree to your decision? Trust me. He won't allow you to do that even if she is only his nominal wife! "

"Nominal? Hahaha... " On the other end of the line, Celine suddenly smiled sadly, "If she is just a nominal wife, why should I try to think of a way to drive her away from Spencer"

Charles's face froze. He should have thought this coming when he saw that Spencer kissed Fiona in the hospital that night. As far as he knew, a person like Celine couldn't be comparable to a green hand like Fiona. Spencer was not a fool. But he didn't expect the day to come so soon!

"What did he say?" Asked Charles.

"He said He doesn't love me. " Celine added in a sad and helpless voice, "He said that only the future of Fiona was his future."


ur fault. "

"Why do you blame me again?" She still didn't dare to look into his eyes for too long.

"Of course it's your fault!" Said Spencer cheerfully. He suddenly came close to Fiona's face and breathed on it, "I know you know the answer."

"No, I didn't!" Fiona insisted.

"Really?" "Should I explain to you? Or do you want to hear what I said this afternoon again? Fiona, I mean you can't be with - "

"Stop it!" With a flushed face, she covered his mouth to stop him from continuing, "Why are you so shameless?! Stop talking! "

Spencer winked and stared at her unblinkingly. What a beauty! Her long eyelashes flickered, and her eyes were also cold and bright with wisdom. Her nose was slightly straight, her soft lips, soft hair If she was married to someone else, he would It was killing him! Fortunately, Fiona was his! He was the only one who would enjoy all the goodness of Fiona!

"Don't say that again!" Fiona reminded, putting her hand down. However, just as her hand stopped in the air, it was grabbed by Spencer. Spencer held onto her tender hand and stroked her finger pulps with his rough hand. He said, "Let's go back for dinner."

"You Let go of me. " Fiona shivered and moved backward.

"No, I won't let you go." Raising his head proudly, he said, "I must hold your hands"

"But," Fiona frowned, "I don't want to go back." At the thought of Celine in the apartment, she didn't want to go back.

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