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   Chapter 149 Discuss The Work Plan (Part One)

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The next morning, it stopped snowing all night, but the weather had not yet completely cleared up. It was cloudy and seemed to be going to snow again.

Following behind Spencer was a group of assistants, whose eyes were full of determination. They walked through the path as if it was not him who was in a dilemma last night.

"Mr. Spencer!"

"Mr. Spencer!"

The people who passed by all stopped their actions and saluted to Spencer.

"Yes." "Clean it up carefully," he added

"Yes, sir!"

"Mr. Spencer!" After a few steps, an assistant ran up to him, stopped, bowed to him and asked, "Are you going to push off the snowman in the training field?"

snowman? He looked towards the shooting range and saw a not very beautiful snowman. Thinking of what happened yesterday, he said with an almost imperceptible smile, "Keep it."

"Yes, sir!"

"Clean the snow on it again." Added Spencer.

"Yes, sir!"

After he finished speaking, he walked to the meeting room at ease.

Outside the conference room, the people of N Country arrived soon after Spencer arrived.

"Hi, Leo, George!" Just then, Eric came to them and said, "Come in, please!"

"Sit down, please!" Spencer pointed at the chair in front of him and added, "I wonder how was your sleep last night? I hope it was not too bad."

"Thank you for your concern, we all have a good rest." The two men opposite had a smile on their faces at the same time and sat opposite to Spencer.

George also nodded, "Much better than the conditions in our country."

People behind him also took their seats.

"The conditions of N Country are much worse than here." Spencer said, "Thank you all for your hard work!"

"You're welcome, Mr. Spencer. As long as we can complete the task, that's good. " With a straight face, Leo said, "It's just the X organization that has appeared recently, which makes us feel a headache."

"I heard that you've taken over the X organization, which makes us more confident," George echoed, "once Mr. Cheng comes, i

the specific plan in the afternoon."

"Okay, that'll be nice." Spencer nodded. Discussing a long-term solution was not an easy thing. He didn't know whether they could reach an agreement in a few days.

As they were talking, they walked out of the room. Suddenly, an idea came to Spencer's mind. He said, "Tomorrow is the new year's birthday party. We're going to hold it as well. Since Leo and George are here, why don't you go and celebrate it with us?"

"Yeah, that's right." Eric nodded his head and replied, "Just as you are here on New Year's day, since you can't go home during the festival, you can get together with us as a little compensation."

"Haha Let's have a get-together. " Leo smiled and said, "But you guys are all young, and I'll stay here to have fun. I don't want to disappoint you. Let George have some fun! "

"Leo, you can come with us. Tomorrow night there is no distinction between ages and ranks." "I did it for the sake of the atmosphere of the festival," Spencer added

"Yes." Eric said, "It's because that our Mrs. Cheng is going to have a show on the party, she plays the piano very well..."

Just as Eric was chattering away, he was kicked by Spencer suddenly. "Cut the crap!"

At the sight of this, George smiled faintly. "Since Mrs. Cheng is going on the stage, I'd better go and have a look."

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