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   Chapter 145 Please Leave Him (Part Two)

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Feeling the sharp gaze from Celine, Fiona frowned and decided to let it go! Anyway, it was Spencer who took her away. It seemed that there were some conflicts between the two. Unfortunately, she was put in the middle as cannon fodder.

Did Spencer come here to kill time because he had a quarrel with Celine?

When she thought about this, she looked at their hands which were in each other's hands. Her eyes dimmed.

Celine stood still and held her hands tightly. Her eyes were full of unwillingness. It had seen her for six years. Couldn't she even tell what Spencer was thinking?

The bewitching voice of Charles suddenly appeared in her mind

Hearing that, Celine's facial expressions froze on her face. She wondered if she had to use the dirty method to bind him up with drug?

There was a piece of snow around her neck, she came to her sense suddenly. Seeing the two people in front of her walk away, she hurriedly moved forward.

In front of the target field, a group of subordinates had not left. Looking Spencer and Fiona who walked towards them hand in hand, the man with a camera said, "Mr. Spencer! madam! Give me a smile! "

"Bastard..." Apparently, Spencer's tone was not good, but he seemed to smile.

"Mr. Spencer!" Noticing that he was in a good mood, his men took the opportunity to ask, "Will Mrs. Cheng show up at the solar New Year's Gala two days later?"

New Year's party?

Fiona looked at Spencer inquisitively, only to see him nod and say, "Of course she will."

"Hey, Mrs. Cheng, are you going to celebrate the new year's party or Mr. Spencer's birthday?" Someone asked boldly.

"Crap! Such an obvious problem! It's to celebrate Mr. Spencer's birthday, of course! "


"Mrs. Cheng, you must remember to play more songs!"

"Exactly! I didn't hear you enough last time! "

"Men always hold parties in the past, but a woman will come at last. We are all looking forward to that!"

"Yeah, yeah..."

A group of people surrounded Fiona and gushed to her, making Spencer look increasingly sullen.

"All right, all right!" Waving his hand, he said, "If you guys think you're not busy, then go to train. You're so annoying! Do you still have any discipline? Now, it's over! " After that, he took Fiona's hand and took two steps forward. When she turned back, she found Celine following her, then she said nothing and kept walking.

When they finally came back to the small white building, Fiona quickly took off her overc

stay here. She couldn't let anything go wrong.

The room was quiet for a while. Holding her chin in her hands, Celine was about to call people to pack up when she suddenly remembered that there was another person in the room. She frowned, suddenly sitting up from the chair and walking towards the master bedroom.

"Fiona! Open the door! " Celine knocked on the door and shouted, "Come out to pack up! I have wounds all over my body. It's inconvenient! Did you hear me? "

Crack! Crack——

Pressing her lips together, Fiona opened the door. After taking a look at Celine, she walked past her to the kitchen.

'Son of a bitch! You're just as bossy as Spencer!' she cursed inwardly! It was indeed a couple!

Noticing that Fiona didn't want to talk to her, Celine couldn't help but get angry. She followed her to the kitchen and said, "Let's talk, Fiona."

"About what?" Fiona asked casually as she put the dish into the fridge.

"You know the answer, but why do you ask?" "It's about Spencer. I will promise you anything as long as you leave him." Celine snorted.

"What can you give me?" Fiona asked in disbelief

"You can take whatever I can do for you. He is the only one I want to keep. Please leave him. "

"It's not that I don't want to leave." Turning around to face her, Fiona was annoyed by her repeated provocation. "You need to ask him when he will let me go!"

Celine said while narrowing her eyes, which gave out a strange light. "He didn't let you go because he wanted to take revenge on you. But I can help you leave without being noticed by anyone. It all turns out to be a happy ending. Are you willing to do that? "

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