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   Chapter 144 Please Leave Him (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7598

Updated: 2020-02-24 00:02

"Please don't!" Fiona quickened her pace, but she couldn't help smiling. "Don't come here, Spencer!"

"You lied to me first, so I must punish you severely!" But he had no choice but to slow down deliberately. He gave a snort of contempt as he chased after Aaron. "We are going to catch up," he said

His voice was getting closer and closer to her. It scared Fiona more that she wanted to run faster. However, she ran even slower and slower. Suddenly, there was a cold wind behind her, and unexpectedly, she was firmly seized by Spencer next second.

"Do you still want to run away?" He grabbed her from her back and turned her around, "Hmm, You just put snowball into my clothes? How dare you! "

"I was wrong..." Lowering her head, she muttered.

"Hiss..." "It's good that you know you're wrong! Take out the snowball for me! It's still in my clothes! "

"What?" With a trace of guilt on her face, she asked hurriedly, "Where?"

"I don't know." He twisted his body in pain, grimaced, and said, "Hurry up, put your hand in my chest and find it out. Take it out for me now. "

Without any hesitation, Fiona reached out her hands from the clothes. As soon as she touched his hands, she felt the incomparable warmth. Enduring the impulse to blush, she stroked his chest carefully. Frowning, she asked, "Where is it? Here? "

Refraining from laughing, he said, "Fiona, your hand is even colder than the snowball."

"I..." Shocked, Fiona stopped what she was doing and quickly tried to take her hand out.

Detecting her intention, he grabbed her hand from the outside of his clothes. "You want to sneak away before you find the snowball, don't you?"

"But my hands are cold!"

"I know." Naturally, he nodded and said, "So I put it into my clothes to warm you up!"

"You..." Fiona opened her mouth wide and looked at him with disbelief. 'Spencer, have you lost your mind?

"Fiona!" His face suddenly became very serious. He took Fiona's hand slowly up and said, "What's this?"

But meanwhile, Fiona felt a surge of nervousness in her heart. She hastily moved her hands over his burning skin. "What? I I didn't touch anything. " Fiona blinked in doubt.

"Nothing?" Spencer frowned, but there was a faint smile in his eyes. "That's impossible You touch

open training ground came Celine's voice, which echoed on the cliff across the street. And it echoed in Fiona's ears.

Fiona exclaimed and pushed away.

Spencer was stunned when he was pushed away by Fiona, when he turned around, he frowned when he saw it was Celine who coming here.

As Celine strode towards them, Fiona was intimidated by her menace. She couldn't help but shrink back in embarrassment. She somehow felt a little awkward, as if they were having an affair just now.

"Spencer." "What are you doing in the shooting range so late?" Celine walked towards them but just greeted to Spencer

"The training is on." "Why did you come out?" Spencer asked flatly

"I made dinner for you. I saw that you were still not back, so I came out to look for you." With a slow smile, Celine responded, "Have you finished your work? Shall we go back for dinner? "

After thinking for a while, he nodded and said, "Okay, then let's go back!"

With a bright smile on her face, Celine walked up to him and grabbed his sleeve. "Let's go!"

"Yes." However, he withdrew his arm from her hand and turned to look at Fiona, saying, "Let's go."

"…… Oh. " Fiona nodded and took a step to leave, but her hand was firmly held by .Spencer

Noticing the surprised look on Fiona's face, Spencer cast a glance at her and explained, "You're too stupid that I must grab your hand. It's freezing outside. It will be troublesome if you fall down."


"Don't be hesitant. Let's go." He dragged her forward.

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