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   Chapter 142 The Romance In The Snow (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7257

Updated: 2020-02-23 00:32

There were a lot of gun eyes on the target. Originally, Fiona was hoping that the bullet she just shot left a mark on the target as well. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a state of euphoria.

"You held the gun in a wrong position." Spencer finally made his way to her and stood behind her. His chest pressed against her back, he lifted her hand and said, "just like this."

All of a sudden, Fiona focused on her back. Although she was dressed in heavy cotton clothes, the temperature on Spencer seemed to be clearly felt by her. His warm breath tickled her ears, which made her itchy. But she couldn't make herself aware of what was on her mind.

"Did you hear what I said?" Suddenly, he raised his voice.

"…… Hmm? " "What did you say?" Fiona asked in confusion

"You have a real gun in your hand! It was going to kill people! Be careful! " Spencer sounded slightly angry. Maybe it was out of his natural instinct that he changed into a serious man when he was at the range. In this way, he looked like a leader.

Fiona bit her lips, feeling unhappy. He wanted her to learn how to shoot. It was her first time to shoot. Who could have shot like him! Damn it!

"Okay." Fiona said dejectedly.

"Keep your hands even. Come again!" After these words, he raised her hand and commanded, "shot!"


Without hesitation, she pulled the trigger and shot towards the target.

"Nine Rings!" A reporter shouted.

"Nine Rings? !" Fiona's calm eyes suddenly lit up. With some pride and disbelief, she said, "Wow! Awesome! Have you seen him, Spencer? Nine Rings! "

Taking back his hand, Spencer raised his eyebrows. Seeing how excited Fiona was, he nodded and said, "Yes, so powerful. Next time, will you directly use the tenth ring?"

"Probably," Although her finger tip was a little red with cold, her interest was aroused. She raised her gun and said, "Let's see how powerful I am!" After saying that, she shot the target again.


"The first circle."

"……" Staring at the target, for a long time, Fiona rubbed her red ears and comforted herself by mumbling, "Well, I hit the target. I've made progress."

"Haha..." Spencer smiled and he

toward the model building. The bullet was in the middle of his shoulder mark.

With a click, the fake gun in the hands of the dummy also fell.

Fiona couldn't help but clap her hands to show her admiration for him.

"You..." When he turned around and was about to say something, he met Fiona's gaze, and his heart could not help but palpitate. Although he didn't want to admit that he had put on a serious look on his face, he had to admit that the way Fiona looked at him made him feel very proud.

Snow was still falling, and the sky was white and empty, and there were only two green figures in the middle of the target field.

"Yes. Hold your gun. Don't move your hand. Push."

"Hitting the arm is the worst option. If you can shoot the head or the heart, it will be the best, understand?"

"Have a try first. Don't be afraid..."

Standing behind Fiona, he said to her word by word, stressing each syllable. There was a layer of light snowflakes falling from their hair, as if time had passed.

"Hey, look at Mr. Spencer! He has never been so patient!" One of the guards outside the target field shrank his head and approached the other. "If we were hit like this, we would have been kicked away long ago."

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Another subordinate looked at the scene and said, "That's Mrs. Cheng, Mr. Spencer must teach her by himself! No matter how bad the training is, how can Mr. Cheng be violent? "

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