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   Chapter 141 I Will Teach You (Part Two)

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Spencer's face darkened and he threatened, "Mr. George, I think you should go back to the family dormitory to have a rest."

"It's not easy to make snowmen for the first snow, Fiona loves to make snowmen most. It's a pity to miss it." George continued to make him angry.

"I will accompany her." Then Spencer turned to look at Fiona, who was shivering because of the cold. Without hesitation, he walked out of the house.

Crack! Crack——

"Are you coming out?" Upon hearing the voice, Fiona was thrilled and turned around. To her surprise, the person she turned around only to find the darkened face of Spencer. The smile on her face froze. "George Where is George? "

"I am here." "I'm afraid I can't make snowmen with you anymore," George joked as he walked out and looked at Fiona

"Fine, forget it." A faint smile appeared on her face. Suddenly something occurred to her, so Fiona said, "Mr. George, I'd like to introduce someone to you."

"Who is he? George said with some interest in his eyes.

"Yes..." Pretending to be annoyed, Fiona thought for a while and then smiled mischievously. "Secret!"


Standing between the two men, Spencer looked at them who were acting like he was transparent. And when he saw Fiona still laughing so happily, his face became darker and darker. So before Fiona spoke again, he pulled her forward and said viciously, "Follow me!"

"Hey!" Shocked, Fiona struggled and said, "I haven't finished yet!"

"Say it another day!" Before she could say anything else, Spencer dragged her to walk forward. Although he looked violently, he avoided the wet ground carefully with Fiona.

"I haven't said goodbye to Mr. George!" Under his control, Fiona had to turn around and wave at George, "See you tomorrow! George, go back and have a good rest! "

Standing under the roof, George smiled. He raised his hand and waved Fiona gently. Watching them walk away and hear their conversation, he thought, 'they seem to dislike each other. But maybe they are a good match.' That's good, that's good.

On the other side, Spencer pulled Fiona's body and said in an unfriendly tone, "He's not leaving. Why do you say goodbye to him? You still have work to do today. You are not allowed to eat unless you complete your task. "

"A task?" Surprised, Fiona turned her head and asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"You'll know when we get there." "If you can make it, I'll give you a reward. We can make snowmen today," Spencer changed the subject triumphantly

"Never mind." Without a second thought, Fiona refused bluntly, "I don't want to make snowmen."

What's the fun to make snowmen with Spencer? For his arrogance, she was sure that he was too lazy to do it. By that time, making a

ht position, and then they can shoot at the target without taking aim. It's highly efficient and accurate to aim at the target in an unexpected battle. "

Fiona nodded.

"So this gun is very suitable for you. Come on, let's try. "

"Not here?" Fiona looked around and found that she was already in front of the line. If they continued to move forward, they would enter the target range.

"There are still hundreds of meters away from the target here!" Spencer chuckled and thought that she was so adorable. He led her forward while saying, "The targets here are not close. You need to learn shooting from ten meters away."

Ten meters? Fiona raised her eyebrows secretly, it's so close!

"Okay." He stood in front of a fixed target and said to Fiona, "You know how to shoot, don't you? There are bullets in it. You don't have to learn to loaded the bullets. You just need to learn how to shoot. "

"Yes." Fiona nodded and raised her arm slowly. She was a little impatient.

"Raise your arm a little more to keep it steady." Standing aside, Spencer didn't teach Fiona, but wanted to see how she would do.

"Is that okay?" Fiona raised her arm high.

"Just have a try." Said Spencer, curling his lips.

Getting his approval, Fiona was about to pull the trigger.


With a loud thud, Fiona's arm was numb. She was taken aback and asked, "Did I hit the target?"

"Undress." Spencer uttered these words in a low voice, which was something that he had expected.

"Really? The reporter hasn't told us yet! " Fiona wasn't resultant to admit it, she clearly aimed at her target.

"Report to Mr. Spencer!" Opposite to them, there seemed to be a smile at the corner of the reporter's mouth. "Miss the target!"

"……" Fiona swallowed and replied with a pout, "I aimed at the target. How did I miss it?"

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