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   Chapter 140 I Will Teach You (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7273

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Fiona and George didn't follow Eric to the family building, when they passed by the piano room on the first floor of the building, Fiona was surprised to find that the decoration in the room seemed to have been renovated by someone.

Especially the piano with a sense of age. She had played it once, and she thought its voice was soft and melodious. At the same time, the piano was standing quietly in the corner. It had a great attraction to Fiona.

"Let's go inside and have a look." Seeing the eager eyes of Fiona, George said, "The room is not locked anyway, is it okay?"

"Yes." Fiona nodded anxiously.

George waved his hand to his followers to leave. He took Fiona to the piano room. "Do you know how to play, Fiona?" he asked

"A little." Fiona said modestly.

"I remember that when I was a child, I often went to your house to listen to your mother playing the piano. At that time, I admired her to the extreme." George smiled. "In my mom's words, the women in the courtyard are all men. Only the daughter-in-law of Ji family is the real daughter-in-law of a real big family. She can play the piano and draw. Her daughter is also as beautiful as a flower. They two are identical from each other. I think her daughter will be very good in the future."

George said in a funny tone just like his mother did, which made Fiona smile. Every time it came to her mother, she felt like she was bathed in a warm sunshine.

"Play a song for me, please?" George was kind of inviting, "I believe that you will do well according to you mother's legend."

Raising her eyebrows, Fiona didn't refuse.

The moment Spencer arrived at the door of the piano room, he found that it was indeed Fiona, who was playing the piano!

He still remembered that when it was summer vacation, Fiona sat quietly in front of the piano and played the piano. The beating notes poured out from her hand. Her body swayed slightly, her smart fingers, and the halo on her face through the window were deeply imprinted in Spencer's mind.

Therefore, when his bodyguards asked him if he could pull down the piano room and change it into a fitness room, he refused without hesitation. On the

ryone came to warn himself to be nice to Fiona, including Terence, and Ruby from time to time. He wondered what kind of personality charm Fiona had and why everyone who came into contact with her would be attracted to her.

But that's not strange. After getting along with her for only a few months, he still couldn't forget her.

Since the miscarriage, he had been thinking of being nice to Fiona. But it was not the right time. The relationship between him and Fiona had been reduced to freezing point. He would give him more time to get along well with her for some time. After the problem of X organization was exposed and he had no worries about it, he would take her to her parents' grave

"You have to do more rather than just saying it." George let out a sigh and continued, "I hope that you will take actions. She suffered a lot. Please be kind to her."

"You don't have to say it." Spencer rolled his eyes at him. "What happened today was just an accident."

Raising his eyebrows, George said, "I hope so By the way, is the girl who fainted in the snow your sister? How is she now? "

When he thought of Celine, Spencer's eyebrows became serious. "It's all right," he said

"That's good." George nodded, but he thought in his heart, 'Why is Spencer's sister so thoughtless?'. "Well, I've finished what I have to say. Now, it's time to accompany Fiona to make a snowman." George looked at Spencer with a smile and provoked him.

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