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   Chapter 139 Celine Pretends To Faint In The Snow (Part Two)

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"Why should I lie to you?" She asked in an indifferent tone.

"That sounds better..." Then he coughed to cover up his awkwardness and went on, "Don't call him 'brother George' any more. He's from the N County. It won't be nice."

Frowning, Fiona nodded, "I see."

"Let's go," he added in a satisfied voice. As he walked, he couldn't help tittering in his heart. 'well, the little girl is so easy to fool, and she is easily deceived by a few words.'. However, if she really wanted to call him brother Spencer, he would not only approve of it, but also promoted it vigorously!

The meal lasted a long time.

They gathered and chatted again and again about which new things they were talking about and which system of which was broken. Fiona was stunned.

When the group of people walked out of the reception room of the small white building, the base outside had been covered with a thin layer of snow, which dyed the heaven and earth white.


Just as Spencer was about to call these people to go back to the family building, he saw Celine was waiting for him in the snow. Why was she here?

People were surprised and curious to see Celine.

"Who is that?" George replied naturally, but from the corner of his eyes, he could see the vague expression on Fiona's face. That's why he asked.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce." Spencer's voice brought him back to reality. With a calm expression, he replied, "She is my sister. She has been resting in her room since she was injured. I didn't expect to meet her here."

Celine looked at Spencer and smiled. She walked towards him slowly, "Spencer!"

"Yes." Spencer nodded. There was a thin layer of snow on her and he asked with a frown, "Why don't you rest in your room?"

"The room is stuffy." Celine pouted and acted in a pettishly charming manner, "It's snowing now. I want to go out and breathe some fresh air. Have you had your meal yet?"

Frowning, Spencer didn't answer her question but said, "I'm going to introduce the guest to you. This is... " Spencer pointed to Leo, "this is Mr. Leo."

"Mr. Leo." Celine nodded and greeted to him.

"This is Mr. George."

"Mr. George." Celine took a look at George and thought, 'This man is good-looking!

After the greeting, Spencer whispered to her, "It's cold outside. You can go back first. I still have something to do. I'll be back later."

"But I am too bored!" Frowning, Celine grabbed his sleeves and said, "Take me with you!"

George frowned in a

which was grabbing his sleeve. "Do you think it was funny?! Is it fun to fool me around?! I left so many people here just because of you, you feel so good, didn't you?"

Hearing what he had said, Celine felt her heart skipped a beat. She muttered in a trembling voice, "I just I was so excited to see you leaving, so I I just feel bored and want your company. "

"I don't have time for you! Do you know who I am? " The more he said, the angrier he got. He added, "I just left important guests outside. I was kind enough to ask you to play a trick on me. Celine..." Spencer said angrily, "You disappoint me!"

"How about Fiona?" Clenching her fists, Celine bellowed, "Why could she go out with you? Why can't I? If you take me out, do I have to make every effort to persuade you to take me with you? "

"She is different from you. If she goes out, she has responsibility, not playing!" "Do you know how old are you now? Such a childish and ridiculous joke. Please don't play it any more! "


"If you don't want to stay here, I'll have someone send you back tomorrow." Without waiting for Celine's response, Spencer opened his mouth, turned around and walked out of the room ruthlessly.

In the bedroom, Celine collapsed to the bed. Her face suddenly turned pale.

He kicked over the stool in the living room and left the apartment of the small white building. It was winter, but he was full of sweat. However, as soon as he went out of the building, he heard a faint piano sound, which instantly calmed his originally manic mind.

'It's Fiona! It must be that Fiona was playing the piano!

He trotted to the piano room cheerfully.

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