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   Chapter 136 An Old Friend (Part One)

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The base was surrounded by high mountains and primeval forests. Because it was in a deserted place, the temperature of the base was several degrees colder than that of M City. As soon as they walked out of the small white building, Fiona's nose turned red.

"You are so stupid!" As soon as Spencer got out of the house, he found that Fiona shivered with cold. He grabbed the coat from her hand, frowned and draped it over her. "You have clothes in your hands but you didn't put them on! Stupid! "

Fiona was slightly stunned. "These are your clothes."

"I'm not cold." Spencer's fingers moved swiftly. He tucked Fiona into the coat and did a button for her. "The coat is in your hand. You can wear it."

Spencer's coat was wrapped around Fiona's ankle. Fiona's fingers just come out of her sleeve. Only her head was exposed and her eyes were blinking. She looked funny and cute.

"Ahem!" He coughed and covered his mouth with his hand. Looking at Fiona's eyes, he was in a trance. He suddenly raised his hand and rubbed her hair carelessly. "Aren't you cold? Let's go! "

"…… Okay. " Fiona nodded.

"Mr. Spencer! Madam! " Johnson was waiting outside. When he saw them, he bowed to them.

"Yes." Spencer nodded slightly.

They walked a few steps forward and a line of people was waiting for them. When they saw them, they all looked at them and shouted in unison, "Mr. Spencer!"

"Yes." Still, he nodded coldly and said, "Let's go."

"Yes, sir!"

They walked towards the gate of the gym.

Fiona and Spencer are at the front. Spencer was fast. Fiona was slow. She could catch up with him only by jogging under her coat. After two steps, she was out of breath.

"You Can you, can you slow down? " Looking at Spencer in front of her, Fiona couldn't help but ask.

As soon as Fiona finished her words, Spencer suddenly stopped. But because of the buffer, Fiona stabbed in the back of him and hit his head, dizzy.

"You're such a fool, except that you know how to draw and you have a good mouth." Spencer couldn't help but say something. His tone was not very good. Then he started walking forward.

Fiona shook her head helplessly and began to chase him again.

But this time, he seemed to slo

ear from time to time. She naturally remembered this name.

George was still calm. He wore informal clothes with a fluffy collar. He looked like an ancient counsellor, a handsome young man with a warm feeling.

"Mr. Spencer!" George stepped forward, raised his hand and gave a salute.

"Yes." Spencer nodded and said, "You are here too."

George and Spencer were in the same height, they were standing face to face. Both of them were good-looking and eye-catching!

Fiona secretly let out a sigh. She didn't expect that there was only she but no other girls here, who would appreciate such a wonderful picture. If she told Sophia, she would definitely be excited and indignant.

"I heard that Mr. Spencer had met George several times and worked as a drillmaster in a university, so I asked him to come with us." Leo said with a smile.

"Indeed." "I was in a hurry at that time and didn't have time to have a good talk with George. Later I knew that he was transferred to the N Country. It's luck to meet you here."

"Yes." "I'm glad to work with you, Mr. Spencer," George added

The corners of Spencer's mouth lifted into a smirk. All of a sudden, he thought of something, and then he pulled Fiona by his side and said, "I forgot to introduce her to you This is my wife. Fiona. "

'Fiona?! George frowned. His eyes were suddenly wide and glowed with disbelief. He couldn't help but take a glance at her face, the only place that she could see at the moment.

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