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   Chapter 133 Go To Take Care Of Her (Part Four)

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"No problem!"

"It doesn't matter if we don't take the wedding candies. Fiona, go and play the piano for us at our solar New Year's Gala!" A thin man said.

"You bastard!" Another man patted on his forehead and said, "Is it you who called Fiona? Call her Mrs. Cheng! "


"Yes, yes, Mrs. Cheng."

In the car, looking at the harmonious relationship between Fiona and a group of people, Celine was angry and said softly, "When can we leave? The wound hurts a bit and I want to go back to have a rest."

"We're leaving now." 'These people are troublesome when they meet women. I will let them suffer a lot tomorrow, ' Spencer thought!

He rolled down the window and stuck his head out of it, shouting, "Have you had dinner? Why are you standing here? Why do you have to say it now? Get out of my way! "

As soon as Mr. Spencer said this, all the people stopped talking.

Rubbing her nose, Fiona continued, "You go to eat first. I'll play the piano when I have chance! I'm afraid that even if you're in good health, you can't stand the long waiting outside. "

"Listen to Mrs. Cheng!"


"It's freezing cold, too. Let's get out of the way and let Mrs. Cheng go back to rest."

"Thank you." With a slight bow, Fiona said, "I'm leaving now."

Under the gaze of the crowd, Fiona returned to the car with cold air in her body.

"Achoo!" Abruptly, Celine sneezed

"Johnson, drive the car!" Spencer's eyes were fixed on Fiona. Fiona knew that Spencer was watching her.

"Yes, Mr. Spencer!" Johnson started the car again and asked, "Mr. Spencer, where are we going?"

"The small white building."

"I'm going to the family building." Fiona answered without thinking. She knew the layout of the small white building, only one master bedroom and one side bedroom, for which there were three people living in it. She would feel unco

t to cook some noodles by myself. It's none of my business what you eat. "

As she finished her words, the doorbell rang. Fiona walked to the door and opened it. As expected, Johnson came with a plate of noodles. "Mrs. Cheng, is this enough?"

"Of course,"

"That's not enough!" With a frown, Spencer raised his voice and said, "Johnson, go and get more! Are you going to starve me to death! Let the cook stew a chicken and fry a beef! Hurry them up! "

"Yes, sir!" Johnson returned hurriedly.

Looking at Fiona, Spencer felt a little aggrieved and said in a low voice, "Don't you know that I haven't had dinner either?"

"I don't know." Then Fiona turned around and walked to the kitchen.

"You..." But Spencer followed unconsciously and asked, "Do you know it now?"

"Yes." Putting on the apron expertly, Fiona then cooked, poured water and cooked noodles in one go. She even took an egg from the refrigerator.

Following her, Spencer couldn't help pouting his mouth. His stomach was growling. Why the normal noodles looked so delicious?

Hearing the sound behind her, Fiona turned her head to see if she got it wrong. Before she could fully turn her head around to look at Spencer, he said, "Don't doubt it. It's my stomach."

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