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   Chapter 87 Does Charles Like Fiona (Part Two)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7474

Updated: 2020-02-21 00:16

Fiona tinkered with the bracelet around her wrist. The bracelet had accompanied her for so many years. It was time for her to return it.

Back in the ward, Celine's eyes lit with excitement when she heard Spencer's words. She wanted nothing else but for Spencer to loathe Fiona.

After the accident, she realized that she needed to seize the opportunity to win Spencer's heart. It was the perfect time for he was still grateful to her. To do this, she had to please him and treat him gently.

"Spencer..." She looked at him pitifully. "Are you thinking of your mother again? I know you're sad, but it's been so long. I hope you free yourself from the sadness."

Spencer smiled softly. It'd been a while since he had a level-headed conversation with her. "I can't just forget what happened even if it was ten years ago. But I always attribute my hatred to Fiona. Don't you think I've gone too far?"

Celine's face froze. "Yes. She is also a victim. Don't hate her. But..." She held Spencer's hand tightly. "You don't have to like her either. Just let her go so we can be together in peace. I want this to work. I'm willing to change. I want to be good for you."

Spencer's heart skipped a beat when he saw the imploring look on Celine's face.


Suddenly, the phone in his pocket rang. He quickly glanced at the phone and frowned at what he saw.

"What's wrong?" Celine asked.

"An emergency." He put his phone back in his pocket. "You just woke up. You must be very tired after such a long discussion. Take some rest. I need to go out."

"Okay." Celine originally wanted to ask him to stay, but changed her mind.

"I'll leave after you fall asleep." Spencer sat up and helped her lie down. "Have a good rest."

Suddenly, Celine raised her head and kissed Spencer.

His body froze and he turned to look at her. After a while, he opened his mouth and said, "Stop it. Go rest."

"All right!" Celine couldn't help but smile. 'Spencer didn't push me away. Does it mean that he still has feelings for me?'

After Celine fell asleep, he walked out of the ward silently. He walked to the corridor and picked up his phone again. He went through the message from Eric.

"Spencer, we haven't found the location and

to win Spencer over. Let me see how capable you are in seducing men!"

"You..." Celine glared. She wanted to stand her ground and be cold to him, but she couldn't deny Charles' impact on her. "What the hell do you want?"

"I want you to be with Spencer." Charles smiled. He slowly moved his hand forward and pressed her wound.

"Aahhh!" Celine cried out in pain. "Let go of me!"

"Don't forget the medicine I gave you." At the sight of her pale face, a cruel smile spread over Charles' face. "I don't think you are capable of winning a man's heart. Why not drug him and make him fall for you in bed?"

"You want me to seduce Spencer? Why would I do that?" Celine endured the pain and asked in a trembling voice.

"I never give others the chance to ask why I do things." Charles let go of her and wiped his hand carelessly. "Don't you want to be with Spencer? I hope you succeed soon."

Then he put his hands into pockets and walked out of the ward leisurely.

At this moment, Celine was sweating. She was about to press the bell to call for a nurse, but then, something hit her. Charles never meddled in other people's business. But this time, he spent time and energy to ensure she ended up with Spencer. Could it be because of Fiona?

Did Charles like her? She remembered that he and Fiona had dinner together at F City.

Celine's face darkened. She had been in B Country for many years and never succeeded in making Charles fall for her. How could it be so easy for Fiona?

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